Tri Angles – REBEL SOUL

No weekly tune this past week, but instead I’ve reviewed a special release. I was originally going to review something from my list, but I couldn’t refuse after hearing to the latest release from ‘Tri Angles’. Last year I reviewed his previous release, ‘ORBITALS’, giving it a lot of well deserved critical acclaim. so with the latest album, ‘REBEL SOUL’, I was expecting something around the same bar. However I never expected it to be raised.

‘REBEL SOUL’ is Tri Angles’ LSDJ album, released via ‘The Base Bit Recordings‘ and created entirely using x2 gameboys, along with a Behringher DDM4000 Mixer (this thing is a beast). From there it was recorded entirely in one take. This proper hardcore, but just wait until you listen to the tracks.

The 1st track ‘VOID DREAMS’ treats you to a nice & rather lovely introduction, layering itself constantly until it gets to the 2nd track (and my first pick), the self titled ‘REBEL SOUL’. You’re immediately greeted with the grittiness of the WAV Channels, every bit of dirt and artefact intentionally left in by the artist. That is part of Tri Angles style after all, gritty, dirty dnb. Both the drums and bass are expertly crafted and mixed, the power of the bass especially hard hitting in its own right, due to it’s signature rhythmic one note crying through out. Finally ‘REBEL SOUL’ is constantly varied, it’s rhythm & leads changing.

Each track is fantastic is its own right, the dirty gritty nature of Tri Angles brought to light. But this is evermore hi-lighted in the 5th track, ‘FREEDOM’. It begins with an artefact ridden introduction which is constantly layered, building up to crescendo of one word… FREEDOM. The track then explodes (and I mean EXPLODES) into some incredibly heavy Drum and Bass, the crafting of each fill the most hectic & craziest I’ve heard from the chiptune community. The bass attacks your ears also, its aggressive tonal pattern menacing in nature. Although it’s dirtiness is its own style, ‘FREEDOM’ really reminds me of a couple tracks from Pendulum, ‘Through the loop’ especially, where the long introduction compliments the franticness of the track to such a great extent.

All in all, Tri Angles releases yet one god damned great release, its voice crying out loud for the masses to take chipmusic & its community seriously.

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Slime Girls – Don’t Forget.

Since reviewing their last album, ‘NO SUMMER NO CRY’, Slime Girls’ music style has been constantly changing & evolving, becoming more unique. This was further seen in a remix of Skybox’s track, ‘æther’. Fast forward to the present, ‘Don’t Forget’ is Slime Girls latest album, and is a lot shorter than ‘NO SUMMER NO CRY’, comprising as an EP of 5 tracks, whilst taking huge inspiration from ska & world music.

‘Familymart (Miss u)’ kicks off the album, causing havoc with its noodling of leads, crazy metal drums & adorable charm. As well as that, the bright & punchy nature of each sound gives the feel of an overly unique energy that you’ll immediately relate to Slime Girls’ music. This can be seen in some of leads of ‘Familymart’, where you’ll hear a change in melodies, showing that Slime Girls are not afraid to deviate from paths.

Another sublime, bouncy track off Don’t Forget is, ‘Vacation Wasteland Z’, an updated cover from Slime Girls’ first album of the same name -‘Vacation Wasteland’ (They seem to be doing a few updates recently with old songs). The track translates very nicely through their unique style, the drums & flute inspired leads all nicely mixing together. However there also extra parts added into the reimagining of Vacation Wasteland, especially at 2:05, where the rest of the track is kicked into overdrive following the sound of whistles.

It’s crazy to think how far Slime Girls have come from the first album back in 2012, relying on just guitar, LSDJ & drums. But having found their niche with ‘Don’t Forget’ I think it’s pretty safe to say Slime Girls will only grow bigger.

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Tune to Listen to: – I l l u s i o n S y s t e m• – Cloud Citadel

Fm synth seems to be making a come back and people are starting to go back to the lovely sound of the megadrive. – I l l u s i o n  S y s t e m• – is the latest artists to release something around fm synth with their track, Cloud Citadel.

It pays homage to all the mickey mouse & other disney games that we used to play way back in the 90s (both Toy Story & Hercules were kick ass), using lovely warm sine chords as keys & bouncy bass lines. Cloud Citadel also utilises an extremely bright & tinny lead, something which can easily be achieved on a 16 bit sound chip.

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Tune to listen to: Laffe the Fox – Spring Breaks (feat. Breakbeat Heartbeat)

This weeks tune is ‘Spring Breaks’ and a nice collaboration between ‘Laffe the Fox’ & ‘Breakbeat Heartbeat’. Laffe is generally known for creating very bouncy & melodic music, so it’s a no brainer that Breakbeat Heartbeat’s style would sit right at home through her use of breakcore & punchy yet shimmering melodies.

Spring Breaks starts off beautifully with both Laffe & Breakbeat playing against each other, harmonising superbly until it breaks off into the it’s Laffe’s signature melody. The drums are also powerful but also unique, constantly changing when ever each artist is playing.

Springs Breaks was taken from Laffe The Fox’s latest album, ‘The Spotsaver’ (released through Cheapbeats) a melodic joy containing some real bouncy tunes. It’s available to buy on bandcamp, so it like Laffe’s style, help out, by giving 5 dollars!

Check out the rest of the album below:

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