Tune to Listen to: SHADY ☆ MONK x Toasty – Star Mountain

For a while on T2L2 I’ve been reviewing a lot of hyperpop & glofi. Well, I think I’ve found a track that has raised the bar on happy & energetic tunes, and it’s called, Star Mountain by SHADY ☆ MONK & Toasty (the latter whom I’ve reviewed in the past).

Star Mountain begins with a lovely upbeat, jazzy introduction on the piano, slowly progression through the keys, until it hits the drums. This entire tracks goes all over the place, both slowing down & speeding up, whilst keeping the unique charm to the whole track. I immediately linked the track to certain music from Super Mario & Kirby, which in my opinion have fully inspired this track. Love the artwork as well!

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Zantilla – Stank Face Vol.1

I’ve decided to move my reviews to Monday instead of Sunday. I just seem to have more time to focus when its Monday, so hopefully you guys like that as well! This weeks review is the incredibly short EP, ‘Stank Face Vol.1’, from the Synth artist known as, ‘Zantilla’ (Real Name: Adrian Shegstad). Prior to this, he’s racked up a few album, releasing a few of them on the net label, Ubiktune.

‘Stank Face’ is Zantilla’s response to the love & support from fans, after feeling disconnected from the chiptune community. It happens; sometimes we all feel unwanted, but if you have someone in the community who really supports what you do, it helps tremendously (I know, as I’ve been feeling this for the past year).

Getting into the review, the first track is an incredibly funky tune called, ‘The Jizzleknob Shuffle’, which includes fantastic melodies using funk fusion & punchy bass to kick things off. Straight from the get go, you can feel the sweetness of what is chiptune, as well through rawness of FM-synth. ‘Jizzleknob Shuffle’ is a short track, coming in at 2.05, but it makes up for the shortness by packing all of it’s well crafted solos & beautiful hook within the time. It also helps that the song grabs you from the very beginning.

The next song, ‘Gooey Groovy Baby Gravy’, is a more bouncy track, relying on it’s punchy bass line & snare, that thumps along with the jangley keys. The track really seems up to the groove way past 100%, coming out with leads that give ‘Tobokegao’s jazzy leads‘ a run for it’s money. This is especially  more true after half way in the song at ‘1.37’, when ‘Zantilla’ crunches out an epic solo, using all kinds of piano techniques, from staccato to vibrato. Even the bass get’s it’s own solo towards the end!

Zantillas’s music is utterly fantastic, it reminds me of PROTODOME’s music style, yet it seems to have more flash, due to the funkiness, fusion & passion put into the music (even if Zantilla’s passion for chiptune is wearing a little thin). This is the first time I’ve come across Zantilla, and I’ll no doubt be listening to his other music later on!

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Tune to Listen to: @ 2ToneDisco x Dreamcasts – Glimmer

Here’s another awesome track from ‘2ToneDisco’. ‘Glimmer’ is a collaborative track with an artist known as ‘Dreamcasts’.

Comparing ‘Glimmer’ to my previous review of 2TD’s track, ‘Headset Radio’, it’s a more melodic track, featuring some extremely jazzy & waltzy leads inspired by certain studio Ghibli soundtracks (e.g. My Neighbour Totoro). It even almost feels like you’re flying through the skies of an anime, looking down on the beautiful. ‘Glimmer’ is also focused on its music & melody rather, than it’s energy & beat like Head Set Radio, which relies more it’s vocal hook. Ultimately, Glimmer is a wonderful, bright song, with lots of charm & good vibes.

To hear Head Set Radio & my review, Check it out here!
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An0va – Double Density

After a week hiatus moving house, I’m back with another review. This time it’s the highly EDM album, ‘Double Density’ by An0va (released through ‘The Base Bit’). I’ve come across An0va before, having previous featured his music on the Chip Bit Sid Charity Compilation last for ‘Superbyte Festival’. Double Density’s style is completely different from An0va’s previous music, relating more to the genre’s of UK bass, Jungle & Chicago Footwork. Throughout Double Density, An0va uses an Amiga 500 (its soundchip generally seen in the likes of the demoscene) as well as a Technosound sampler card to create the music.

The album opens with one of it’s signature tracks, ‘GON GET GOT’ and is more based around Chicago Footwork music, basing the meat of the style around the rhythm, utilising claps, clavs & clicks whilst sampling various sounds, including what sounds like, ‘Homer Simpson’. What’s interesting about ‘GON GET GOT’, is that you wouldn’t think that the sounds came out of an Amiga 500. This is down to An0va focusing on the rhythm and less on the synthesis used on the amiga.

Another cool track from ‘Double Density’ is MOD SQUA and instead of focusing entirely on the rhythm to drive the song. It goes back to basics, using a hook of chords & synth, being the only track which does this throughout the album as well as the only one written in major. Because of MOD SQUA’s hooks & melody, it acts as a glue which holds the track together, whilst the bit-smacked sound of the keys holds the retro vibes of the Amiga.

An0va’s Double Density is an incredibly unique album, and pushes the terms of demoscene music, as the chiptune community is generally pushed forward by the use of LSDJ. It’s also good to see more rhythmic music instead of music that focuses on a melody.

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