Tune to listen to: Laffe the Fox – Spring Breaks (feat. Breakbeat Heartbeat)

This weeks tune is ‘Spring Breaks’ and a nice collaboration between ‘Laffe the Fox’ & ‘Breakbeat Heartbeat’. Laffe is generally known for creating very bouncy & melodic music, so it’s a no brainer that Breakbeat Heartbeat’s style would sit right at home through her use of breakcore & punchy yet shimmering melodies.

Spring Breaks starts off beautifully with both Laffe & Breakbeat playing against each other, harmonising superbly until it breaks off into the it’s Laffe’s signature melody. The drums are also powerful but also unique, constantly changing when ever each artist is playing.

Springs Breaks was taken from Laffe The Fox’s latest album, ‘The Spotsaver’ (released through Cheapbeats) a melodic joy containing some real bouncy tunes. It’s available to buy on bandcamp, so it like Laffe’s style, help out, by giving 5 dollars!

Check out the rest of the album below:

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Pterodactyl Squad – Weezer – the 8bit collab!

I was originally going to review another album, but it mysteriously disappeared from bandcamp! Thankfully PTE Squad’s collaboration on ‘Weezer’s first album’ was on hand and even more awesome. ‘Pterodactyl Squad’ has been a long time net label supporter of 8bit, with many superb artists releasing so much awesome content, from the likes of ‘Please Lose Battle’ and (T-T)b. Their Weezer compilation is no different boasting a high number of prolific artists.

Naturally you can’t start a Weezer review without listing the ultimate track…


Covered by ‘Please Lose Battle’, it features their classic NES style, whilst keeping the signature Weezer style intact. As soon as that sweet yet sarcastic & bright riff comes in at the start, you know you’re going to be in for a treat. The chorus is also especially good, with bass blasting through to give it some extra power. This comes in even more however during the outro, and not just keeps the same energy as Weezers original, but takes it a step further!

God dammit how does ‘Boy Without Batteries’ make a gameboy sound so crazy & energetic, yet managing to play all on one tiny device. PURE WIZARDRY! BWB’s cover on ‘Paperface’, is both melodic but also frighteningly scary, playing some sweets riffs whilst melting every channel on the gameboy. The outro is especially crazy & chaotic, the noodling on the Wavs & Pulse Channels almost screaming out.

There’s only a couple of tracks which feature vocals, but the one which stood out the most for me, is ‘Men of Mega’s’ rendition of ‘Surf Wax America’, which seems to keep both the goofy nature of nerd rock & grittiness of the guitars at fantastic level. You can immediately feel the energy radiating as soon the track begins, the WAV Channel perfectly simulating the gritty feel. Although the electronic mix of the chiptune makes the track sound more like Rave, the vocals keep it anchored to Weezer’s style is, whilst never letting the music control the show.

I could go on talking about the rest of the tracks on this compilation, but that would be one long review. Needless to say you should definitely check them all out as each one is unique, bringing both the artists & weezer’s styles together as one.

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 ^^ Please Lose Battle ^^ 
Check out my review of their latest Album, Goodbye Joe
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 ^^ Boy Without Batteries ^^ 
Check out my review of BWB’s album, Young
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Tune to Listen to: TOASTY – SOUR LEMONADE

THE POP IS HYPER. THE POP IS ABSOLUTE. That’s the exact feeling that you get as soon as you start listening to SOUR LEMONADE, an absolute belter of a tune by, TOASTY.

It starts off very calm, building up until you’re blasted by the chaotic sound of the wavey keyboard as a variety of different instruments, from rolling pianos to god damned bubbles popping (cos, why not?). The number of summer tunes this year is almost endless. If you love this check the new label which released this track, ‘HYPERPOP COLLECTIVE’!

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Tune to listen to: You Are Number Six – Glitches

Going more into new wave waters this week, listening to ‘Glitches’ by french musician, ‘You Are Number Six’ and his latest EP, ‘VHS Dreams’.

As soon as you put your ears to this track, you can really feel the throwback to the 80s it touches on, everything from the dreamy keyboards, to the rather ‘David Bowie’ sounding vocals. If you loved ‘Glitches’, then make sure to put a pin in 16th July, as ‘VHS Dreams’ will be available to buy! YAN6 describes the ep as, ‘as sweet as a summer party with friend, drinking beers and kissing by the water!

Get VHS DREAMS here!

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