MisfitChris – Bubblegum

MisfitChris is a chip/simchip artist hailing from Connecticut, USA. Chris’s music is a marriage between all things chiptune & electronic, experimenting with a variety of styles whilst being inspired by VGM, Daft Punk, Aphex Twin and many more creative artists. Chris’s latest release, ‘Bubblegum’, is his 12th album to date and features various unique styles, from Vaporwave to Trap. Prior to his latest album, Chris has released on some prolific net labels, with DataAirlines being a major one.

What’s amazing about ‘Bubblegum’, is that it hooks you in straight away, Chris’s style both incredibly unique & adaptive. The opening track, ‘Pocket Monster Cute’, takes inspiration from various VGM and wraps it up in a layer of sublime Vaporwave. A rare thing to see in chiptune, Vaporwave, but is more than welcome, especially if done as good as ‘Pocket Monster Cute’. Another thing that makes the track unique is the way how the to introduction begins extremely melody & quite bouncy, but quickly goes into seriously chilled waters. It really shows some great skill in transitioning between styles, something that can be quite hard. Overall Pocket Monster Cute feels like one of those tracks that’s an absolute melter to have by a pool, whilst relaxing in the sun. Definitely one for the holidays.

The third track, ‘After Story’, is another cute song which continues the same hype that ‘Pocket Monster Cute’ brought. It’s a lost less chilled in its style however, following more along the lines of trap & glofi, especially with the use of the vocoder, serving as the lead & structure. It reminds me a lot Lemon Future’s track, Mettle, which yet another fantastic & slow track. On it’s own, its one real funky tune and definitely another song for the summer.

MisfitChris set out to create a mini EP for the summer and it seems he has succeeded with Bubblegum, by blending both chiptune, vaporwave & trap; a perfect combination!

 ~ MisfitChris~ 
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Alone – The Retro E​-​Waste Lifestyle Club V2

Alone is a chip triphop & postrock artist hailing from Bristol, UK. Instead of using just the conventional gameboys like most chip artists, Alone’s music style uses a variety of retro consoles, filtered through digital delays & drum machines, layering them all into a neat package. Beginning in 2008, ‘The Retro E​-​Waste Lifestyle Club V2’ is Alone’s sixth album release and a sequel.

‘The Retro E​-​Waste Lifestyle Club V2’ starts off with its opening track, ‘Maximum Ultraspace’,with quickly paced square-waved riff. This is slowly & subtly built up through as the track progressing using harmonising & atmospheric filtering, its sound feeding into Alone’s postrock nature. To me it feels extremely like Holy Fuck’s music, particularly the track, ‘Super Innuit‘, as it contains a sort of playfulness, atmosphere & progressiveness that ‘Maximum Ultraspace’ seems to share.

‘The Retro E​-​Waste Lifestyle Club V2’ contains a variety of unique & progressive songs, but the track to stand out for me was the following track from Maximum Ultraspace, ‘Telling Satellites from Stars’. It features a completely different feel to opening song, sounding extremely space like through the joint use of echoed square waves & percussion, giving some vibrant rhythm. This is further built up with the use of shimmering keys & leads, giving the track an almost housey soundscape style; the perfect mood for space music.

Alone’s ‘The Retro E​-​Waste Lifestyle Club V2’ is a fantastic & unique album for which really invigorates chipmusic by introducing new ideas into the mix using articulated layering & sublime effects.

 ~ Alone ~ 
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Tune to Listen to: The Hair Kid – Acid Disco Homegirls

Still can’t remember how I found this epic tune, but it’s probably down to the lovely soundcloud users I follow.

Acid Disco Homegirls by The Hair Kid, is an incredibly funky ass song, with a lot of sampling, square waves and crap load of electronica nu disco. The amount of different electronic styles going on throughout this track (including rapping) is chaotically amazing, and works splendidly.

If love Acid Disco Homegirls, give it some love by buying it on Beatport!
 ~ The Hair Kid ~ 
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Dream Fiend – Starcade EP

This week we have some real dreamy 80s synthpop, hailing straight from Melbourne, Australia. ‘Dream Fiend’ is an artist creating music around the genres of, Synth funk, Nu Disco & Synthwave. Prior to his latest EP, Dream Fiend has created remixes of various artists, from Futurecop’s track ‘Growing’, to Killstarr’s, ‘Feels Like Heaven’.

At a glance Dream Fiends ‘Starcade’ is short a 3 track EP. However don’t let that fool you as, each song is a fantastic listen.

Going immediately into Album, you can see where Dream Fiend gets the inspiration, it’s opening self titled track, reminding me of certain artists, such as Chromeo. This is down to the funky nature of its keys & bass, which really pop throughout. It’s chiptune & retro influences are also there as well, coming through in its square waved lead at ‘1.30’ and at the end.

Whilst ‘Starcade’ is reminiscent of the 80s & all things synth, it also plays towards the genre of dreamwave, with its third & final track,’Lucid Dream’ an epic example of this. As soon as you start to listen, you can tell that the song is quite dreamlike, with it’s shimmery arpeggiated keys feeling almost clairvoyant in nature, as it guides your ears in flight. ‘Lucid Dream’ is also extremely reminiscent of the ‘NeverEnding Story’ soundtrack, particularly the track, ‘Fantastia’.

Dream Fiend’s ‘Starcade’ is greater taster for people who have yet to listen to any 80s inspired synthpop music, as each track is extremely easy to get into and a fantastic gateway into the masters of synth.

 ~ Dream Fiend ~ 
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