A tune you should listen to: Neri – The Girl With The Android Eyes

For 2016 I’ve decided that I’m going to do a short post each week on a selected track. This can be anything related to chiptune or synth, past or present, or even…THE FUTURE!!!

Jokes aside, here’s the first track sent in on Facebook from an Artist known as, Neri. Neri has only just come onto Soundcloud, with the first track recently released called, ‘The Girl With The Android Eyes’. It has already garnered some attention from chiptunerds and has been well received.

As soon as you begin to listen to the track, you’re instantly captured by its combination of leads, arpeggios & soulful, atmospheric vibes that run along throughout. The soft sound of the drums come in at 0.43 and immediately cultivates a welcoming sound through the use of the snares and kicks. It’s a nice relaxing layer to an already chilled out track. Neri’s track, The Girl With The Android Eyes is a breath of fresh air and feels like a beautiful song to put on whilst you’re flying, in love or even both!

The Girl With The Android Eyes is free to download on Soundcloud.

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Poly Pines – The Perfect Frame

2015 has been an absolute blast for chiptune, with so many artists releasing fantastic material. It’s totally unreal! But now it’s 2016 so what better than starting with an artist from last year?

Poly Pines was one hidden gem that I found towards the end of December, with his latest album The Perfect Frame, released on the 18th. As Chip Bit Sid has grown, I have constantly been on the look out for chiptune music which is unique in its sound and nature; This artist is a prime example of this. Poly Pines (real name; Nash) hails from Springfield, Missouri, USA and creates his music fusing chiptune with certain chilled styles such as, Dreamwave & Dreamgaze. I haven’t heard much dreamy music since the futurecop days, so it was welcoming return for me.

The introductory song, ‘Awake’ fantastically shows off Poly Pines music style, firstly by going into the warm & restful waters of Dreamwave, but then changing up following with a chiptune styled hook. All this is then complimented excellently with drums which bring out the lead as well as some samples taken out of the ‘book of Nintendo’. I really liked ‘Awake’, as it’s a great track that introduces you to Poly Pines’ style whilst still being extremely engaging.

The next song from my featured list is, ‘Knee Deep featuring Akacia’ and really makes an impact as the second track off the album, mainly due to its shimmering keys that echo & resonate powerfully at the beginning and middle of the song. The main hook is also utterly brilliant, working well with Akacia’s dreamy vocals to provide a harmonising and powerful sound that goes beautifully with the chords.

My final song, was a hard choice. ‘Swordsplay ft. Koloda’ was a fantastic song with beautiful lyrics and outstanding vocals from Koloda, however I liked ‘Forget’ more, due to its mixture of droned out, mysterious, fuzziness through out. ‘Forget’ is very different from the rest of the album, instead focusing more on the rhythm between the lead, the fuzzy keys & the slow formulaic drums. I love how the chords have been subtly composed into a trap-like rhythm. It gives the rest of the track room to breathe and let its listeners get into the groove.

Needless to say, these are just my favourite songs that I picked, and I urge you to listen to the whole of The Perfect Frame as one. The dreamlike tones, the wet, shimmering leads & the resonating drums can be heard across the whole album, making ‘The Perfect Frame a great album to chill out to in 2016.

The Perfect Frame by Poly Pines is available on Bandcamp for $3:

Awake & Knee Deep ft. Akacia

Poly Pines:

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(Outside of my blog, I have also started creating chiptune music! I’ve released my first song as a try out. [link] Please listen to and tell me what you think! Appreciate the feedback! Thanks! :D)

Boy without Batteries – Young

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Holy sweet Christmas. I’m already beginning to wrap up the end of 2015’s chiptune, when this little beauty came along during December. ‘Boy Without Batteries’ is an artist who resides in Lakeland, Florida, with his last album, the digital age, released way back in 2013. That’s quite a while for chiptune, but we’ll forget that, because his latest album, Young, is one fantastic sequel, bragging 11 tracks, 10 of which were made on one single gameboy!

What’s so good about that you ask? Well, once you starting listening to the music, you’ll be astounded at how amazing each song is put together.

Let’s start off this review with my first pick off ‘Young’ and it’s the 2nd track, ‘Homeward Bound’. This song immediately kicks in with some well crafted drums followed by a snare fill before going into the hook. Right off the bat you can tell that Boy without Batteries takes a lot of inspiration from pop punk bands, such as Blink 182 & Sum 41, as it totally comes off this song alone. All these songs, have been excellently done in melody, but Homeward Bound comes in at the top, with the most addictive lead of them all, and ultimately a great track to hook you into the album.

The next song ‘Destiny Gang’ starts off with a mind blowing drum fill, working to together with the distortion which gives the feeling as if a guitar is playing. The intro itself is enough to love Destiny Gang. But that’s not just the only thing that’s mind blowing, with so much going on (with the kicks especially spot on), this is one song not to be missed.

The final song of my pick is, ‘Pop Heart’ which is the most unique track off the entire album. This is down to the huge mash up of samples being used as beats, which serve to give it a completely different style from the ‘pop punk’ style that BWB had been going for. It’s more of a funky dance track that uses a moderate beat to push things, with a fresh 90s feeling coming from the choice of samples, as well as its beat. It’s also one of the tracks which has a strong structure.

Young is a well crafted album and is one I have constantly enjoyed listening to over the past few weeks, more so than my standard selections (trey frey, henry homesweet, sabrepulse etc), which is definitely saying something. It’s nice to see other genres like Pop Punk getting introduced into chiptune, without the use of guitar, as shows creativity & skill in sound design. Young will definitely be kept in my music rotation for the months to come.

Homeward Bound & Pop Heart

Shirobon – Out Of Love

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Unfortunately there’ll be no review of an EP today. I am quite ill at the minute so I haven’t been able to get anything done! So instead, I’m going to muster up all my strength and write a small post on something I’ve been listening to over the past two weeks.

I’m sure almost everyone is aware of Shirobon. If not, he’s an artist from London, who fuses chiptune with a electronic style whilst bringing theme’s of a robotic nature. Over the past few years he has been making some absolute ecstatic music, and has quickly garnered reputation of being a fantastic musician in the world of chiptune. While he first started out with his unique style on 2012’s ’22:22′, he really made waves with, ‘The Arcade Dream’, which is an album in it’s own league.

This year, Shirobon brought forth, ‘Infinity’ and saw him focus on more heavier styles, whilst doing interesting collaborations with the likes of, PROTODOME. Since the release of ‘Inifinty’ Shirobon grown considerably, founding his new Record Label, HYPERWAVE, whilst flying half way across the world to Japan!

Next year will be no different, with Shirobon releasing his next Album. There isn’t much information out about it, however a couple weeks ago saw the free release of, ‘Out Of Love’,a track taken directly from the album.

‘Out Of Love’ begins instantly with a beautiful lead over the top of some soulful keys & arpeggios, until it changes up by instensifying the lead with bass & some punch. This ends in a crescendo, letting the drums take over the direction of the song and push the beat forward. Immediately you can sense quite a change from Shirobon’s last style. Infinity was a lot more hard hitting, where as you can sense more of a chilled out vibe going on, even though the drums really try to push the tempo. The watery, wet vocals also lend to the chilliness of the track, with the echo giving ‘Out Of Love’ a lot of atmosphere.

Finally, it’s clear that Shirobon wants to experiment more with different genres, looking towards the more progressive side of drum and bass, taking with him the energy from his previous two albums. It’s also interesting to note that ‘Out Of Love’ reminds me of ‘Sabrepulse’s style’, with both collaborating on songs & remixes together.

Shirobon has a lot of fans through out the world due to his music, and it’s easy to see that he’ll most likely grow further in popularity with his next album being released next year.

Want to download Out Of Love? Click the link below and get it for free!