Tri Angles – Orbitals

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It’s extremely late as I’ve writing this, for I’m being flooded with chiptune music. I even had someone send me chiptune music via my personal email address, which is weird because I have never given that shit out! So much I haven’t had the time to listen to all of them. Anyway Shameful I’d admit, but its mainly down to some albums which have been submitted to me or I’ve found.

I stumbled across this weeks EP, Orbitals by Tri Angles, when someone sent it to me and I instantly fell in love with it.

Tri Angles is chiptune artist who based in Nashville, Tennesse, USA and bases his style around drum and bass. Like Sabrepulse and Trey Frey who play drum and bass, Tri Angles is much different in his style, layering chipmusic over to produce a hardcore mix which is both fast and easy to dig.

Orbitals is a prime example of this, consisting of only 4 tracks, but pack punch as big Ryu’s signature smash…

Apologies for that (I lie) but Orbitals really is that good!

As soon as its first track, PIR8KING gets into motion, with it’s fantastic chosen sample, “IT’S THE REAL PIRATE KING!” The gritty noises of the wave and pulse channel make this an absolute killer track. I’d really like to know how he tables his sound like on this as it sounds like bloody magic.

ORBITALS is a great middle song to fit between as the meat of the EP and sharing its name as well. This song shows Tri Angles great skill in working to keep the rhythm between lead and drums. I had great time blasting this song out of my speakers whilst driving down the motorway.

HLJHAMEN leaves us this some great old school drum and bass fills, focusing more ultra epic rhythm of the drums rather than than the bouncy leads ORBITALS did.

In a pinch, I loved Orbitals. So much that I wish Tri Angles had put more songs into the EP, but creating chiptune is a fucking hard task, so I shut up.

Tonight and 6pm GMT, I will be down at Gameface with Graeme, blasting out some of the music I have found over the last few weeks. It’s been another great month and I hope you like what I’ve found. You can listen via link below:

The set list is below so have a listen and see what you like:

Listen to Who Cares by Ultrasyd via Bandcamp

Listen to In The Snow EP by Arcadecoma via bandcamp

(I couldn’t decide of which song to put on for Twilight City, so I put two on, though honestly I’d play the whole damn thing, sadly I can’t D:)

Listen to Twilight City by Are You Afraid Of The Dog via bandcamp

Listen to Orbitals by Tri Angles via bandcamp

So that’s all till next time guys! If you enjoyed any of these bands I have linked you, please if you any pennies to spare, support these artists by buying their albums. Every Album I review, I have bought to support these underground heroes, so please keep chiptune growing with your support!

Are You Afraid Of The Dog – Twilight City

Twilight City is the first album created by artist, Are You Afraid Of The Dog (real name, Travis) and is based in Ottawa Canada. This is a lot different than most of the chiptune eps I generally review. What perked my interest mainly was that Twilight City was described as Conceptual album, a sort of sound track to one big idea. Other things which interested me was that Nintendocore had been a inspiration towards the sound.

Before I properly get into this review I’d just like to clarify that I can’t truly single out songs like I usually do, as this is conceptual and in some ways it can be seen as a one huge song.
As Twilight City, it opens up with a fantastic intro which slowly builds up with slow eerie keys arpeggiating up and down, but explodes when it enters the second song, soaring. Throughout this song, (and the album) the percussion are done absolutely fantastically, and you can tell that AYAOTD knows what he’s doing when it comes to the drums. It reminds me back to Rekcahdam’s drummage in his latest album as his skill went above and beyond.
AYAOTD’s style in his keys should also be noted as being very strong. For a conceptual album it can be very hard to keep the listeners entertained, without having a proper structure. I certainly can’t say that for Twilight city, as every song is varied changing in its composure, but keeping the overall structure which comes with the album.  His style is also a nice blend of Nintendocore drums, dream like leads and chilled out vibes, a welcome edition in the chiptune genre.
That is not to say there aren’t any bad things. On contrary, one huge problem that I noticed immediately was how tinny it sounded whilst playing it on my macbook pro. That said, my pro doesn’t have the best sound system in the world, but you can tell that these things weren’t taken into consideration. To hear it the best you need good speakers or headphones. The drums sound is also not right, feeling way to bright and also taking the energy away from the keys, This however can be easily changed through use of the EQs on the stems.

Aside from that however Twilight City is one great conceptual album and it’ll be interesting to hear more from AYAOTD in future.

Arcadecoma – In The Snow EP released by PTE RECORDS

I came across Pterodactyl Squad a while back when they released some music from a band called, somewhere something incredible, way from America. It was so good that it kept them on my radar. Pterodactyl Squad are a net label based in Britain and release some of the best small chiptune artists around at the moment.

Their latest release is by Arcadecoma, a chiptune, bitpop band who are based in Edinburgh, made up of two musicians called, Ross Murdoch and Martin Smart. Cited from their facebook page, they play melodic yet melancholic LSDJ tunes, backed with some fuzzy guitar and driving bass. They also bring so much more Energy to their songs, especially their latest release, In the Snow EP.
Their EP opens with Twenty Two, with fantastic melodies and cool ass grooves on LSDJ but is sadly extremely short as its stopped almost suddenly (I was wanting more 🙁 ).
This is however carried on through out the rest of the EP with  ‘Summer is Over’ bringing a lovely short ballad describing  the themes of coming to terms with something so awesome is suddenly over!

As well as that, there are some other good songs such as, short but sweet ‘I haven’t left the house for days’,  the epic ‘Heroes in the snow’ and ‘The Ghosts of Christmas Presents’.

My favourite song on the ep however, is Road Avenger. It’s a massive epic tune which knocks up the energy and pace, but it also feels so much awesome than anything else. The solos towards the end also packs a punch giving Road Avenger the hard hitting style it desires (finally, the fact that it relates to MAD MAX is mind blowing).

There are some songs which I feel could have been a bit longer such as, ‘don’t go (out of the windows) as I felt they were really going places. Maybe something to think about for the future.

However, barring that Arcadecoma’s ‘In The Snow’ is a great EP that brings the genres of pop punk and chiptune together.If you want to follow for more chip bit sid see below:


Ultrasyd – who cares

Ultrasyd is a chiptune artist that I’m not familiar with. I have heard of him and have seen that he is playing everywhere (Liverpool, Manchester and London to name a few), however I’ve just never made the attempt at listening to his music.

So when I saw his latest album, ‘Who Cares’ was out and staring at me on the screen, I had nothing to say but, SHUT AND TAKE MY MONEY.

To sum this up in a short synopsis, Who Cares, is a very dancy and bouncy album. It begins straight away without giving a damn for build up, its first song sharing its name with the album. It is a fantastic short song at 2.29, and introduces Ultrasyd’s style extremely well, with his use of melodies through leads, arps and bass work just like the power of cookies, milk and cream (mother trucking OM).

Its second song, ‘Robot song’ gives you the build which who cares had left off, quickly picking up and hitting hard with some cool ‘rob synth trap, drum and bass’.

Gravitational collapse continues on from where Robots Song left off with the Robotic synth drum and bass. Although it contains less of a catchy lead than the others, its a nice bridge between Robot song and the next song, Hyper Space, from which, I could see elements of such bands, Justice and Daft Punk, as well as on the flip side, some hardcore dubstep rave, as does Happiness is Cancelled, which delivers the same energy.

The final song, aptly named, 🙂 is a very upbeat and happy and bipolar song, going straight into hardcore dubstep. This is an cool mashup and works very well. It also is the most upbeat song here.

Overall I’d definitely really rate Who Cares as a fantastic EP!

It grooves extremely well with it both beginning and ending in the most spectacular way possible. It reminds me of Sabrepulse’s earlier work in ‘First Crush’ way back in 2008, and is a very welcome addition to my chiptune collection.


Ultrasyd will be playing Superbyte 2015 in Manchester!

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