Asleep Droid – For Square Waves & Distorted Strings EP

Chiptune for me has been a blast. So much has happened this summer that I can’t seem to count it on my hand. The biggest thing has been the compilation album which has been a joy to work on. This thursday I got finally got to releasing the track listing and it was met with rave response:1.an0va – RC PRO JAM –
2. Powersupply – Funk Cirty –
3. Love Hz – 6 8 in space, baby! –
4. Nordloef – Basket Case (Green day Cover) –
5. Stephen Brunton – Boo! I’m a ghost –
6. Joe Bleeps – Change your Batteries –
7. Auracle – Ecchi Girl –
8. Mykah – Higher Stakes –
9. Laffe the fox – I’m just gonna lie here until my life bar is empty –
10. HIA – MDP –
11-12.J3WEL – Two songs, but I don’t wanna name em wink emoticon –
13. Asleep Droid – Perihelion (HEY) –
14. Imaginary – Pink Lemonade –
15. .mpegasus – Quixotica –
16. Onapokoya – This is –
17. Circuit Bird – Urban Thrash –

Not sure how I’m going to fit all of these on the cd, but HEY we’ll make it work…one way or another.


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This week I’m looking at Asleep Droid’s first Chiptune EP, For Sqaure Waves and Distorted Strings. Before releasing this EP, Asleep Droid released a fantastic song onto Chiptune = Win and met with praise all round. Asleep Droid first started playing Punk music exceptionally well with a guitar before getting into Chiptune. He has found his style, I can say it is awesome.

More I before I go no let’s listen to the first song, Perhelion (HEY), which begins with a great short introduction but then explodes into a medley of chiptune leads, chaotic drums and bright jangley guitar. It’s a great first song and revamps the idea of space fantastically.

Asleep Droid really seems to set himself apart from other chipmusic, with it even more so in the second song, Magical Michigan Tour. It reminds me of Anamanaguchi, but more down to earth.

There are a couple of short songs (about 1min) but they are utterly bloody brilliant, with Shinobi Thunder Wow being coolest of the two (compared to the still mega awesome, Megadrive to Megabeach). Why though?


Jumping back through the EP, I come to another song, Megabeach (linking on from Megadrive to Megabeach). This is a fantastically wonderful tune, relating to those sandy days walking around on the beach. Kinda wants me to get into my car and drive out through England’s Heatwave today (but alas I have to finish this review).

So my end thoughts? I’d have to say that I was fully blown away from the sofa upon listening to Asleep Droids latest EP. It’s spacey, unique and screams so much potential into his future as a big chiptune artist.

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(Disclosure: To fully ensure ethics and shit, I have to enclose that I did the artwork for Asleep Droids album, however I wasn’t given access to the music, until I bought the album on release day. So take Kotaku, corrupt idiots).

Joe Bleeps – Escape

Before i start this review, I’d like to say the Superbyte compilation is coming smoothly as ever. The track listing is complete and hopefully next I’ll be putting it out on the internet for everyone to see. I’m really looking forward to kicking this one off!

Anyway onto the review!
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Joe Bleeps is part of the north western chiptune crew, based in the town St.Helens, near Liverpool. Joe is mostly known throughout the chiptune community as a wizard at electronics, and spends his time either fixing or creating new gameboys.

So it comes as no surprise that Joe is releasing his first chiptune album called, Escape. It was released as an double EP of sorts, as these songs show off Joe’s experimentation with LSDJ.

The first and best song of the album, Change your batteries, comes full swing right off the bat, with some fantastic melodic leads, bouncy bass and well thought out drums. Spoiler: this song will be featured on the superbyte compilation.

A lot of these songs show how much Joe has experimented with LSDJ, with such songs as Battle Charge which really shows how much he’s learnt about composing arpeggios. Others show what he learnt when first starting out on LSDJ.

The song, Escape however focusing more upon the progression of the blues scale, interesting departure from the previous songs. What makes this song unique is that a lot of the melodies are mini covers. You may hear most predominantly, the main riff of Take on me by Aha, something which made me laugh, but there are others as well, such as ZZtop’s, La Grange.

There are also a couple of small songs, such as Last Caress which are a delight to listen to.

The final song, majority of people will known extremely well, though albeit a mash up of songs from two entirely different films, (The Lego Movie and Star Wars)! It was definitely a laugh to listen to this much experimentation.

After listening to Escape, I found myself wanting to hear more songs like the final song, Everything is Awesome from Joe, perhaps some mash up of two songs you wouldn’t think would go together. I’ve seen stuff like this before and believe me goes down amazingly well. If you’ve heard of Rock Sugar, you’ll know what I mean.


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I interviewed Harley a couple months back at Tokyochipped and he was brilliant to talk to. Towards the end mentioned that he was bringing out a new chiptune album which would be solely comprised on LSDJ. I was looking forward to it, however I didn’t know it would be this soon! So as soon as I found out, I put everything down and began listening to Harley’s latest album, Game Changer, released through CheapBeats.

HARLEYLIKESMUSIC can be described as, a mash up of all thing electronic, with glitch house as it’s one big focus. Harley primarily uses two Nintendo DS’ to create is distorted music, using Korg-DS-10+ on them and switching between the two with a mixer.


Let’s get down to Harley’s latest album. To start off, Game Changer first foremost thing it accomplishes is its heaviness and hard hitting style. If that isn’t your thing and you enjoy chilled out music, then I don’t think this’ll be your thing. However if you enjoy your EDM and want something new and cool, then read on!

Game Changer starts out with a raw and fantastic introduction and shows what Harley has learnt from LSDJ, and its obvious he’s become a wizard at it.

It then breaks into the meat of the album with ‘Off Your Trolley’ a very Yorkshire styled name for a song (FYI Harley is based in Sheffield, Yorkshire). Its a long and great tune, with some heavy rhythmic vibes going on. It also shows some new, unique and creative ways you can use LSDJ.

A lot of this music is also played through A gameboy advance SP, as a normal DMG would probably crash from the intensity.

Generic Club Banger is the song that stands out the most due to Rapper, V3xation being featured on it. Its shows Harley’s not afraid to dabble in other genres instead of just house.

Other songs like Distorted Reality and Bass Time Continuum and extremely bassy. I really Distorted Reality due to its pace of the beat through the rhythm.

However Get the Bleach is probably my favourite song on the album. This is down to its rhythm but also its use chords and melodies go extremely well together.

I also liked Just one more time. It kinda reminded me of a Prodigy’s Out of Space, due to its mixture of reggae and drum n bass.

Game Changer’s final song, Anchor to Reality is another unique song, down to its


I really think Harley had Heavy Metal in mind when doing this song, as the drums just remind me so much of the genre, as you’ll find out.

I’ll really HARLEYLIKESMUSIC’s Album Game Changer really is literally a game changer! It’s shown us how much he’s learnt from LSDJ, and how we should really follow lead. Aside from the album I also loved Lazer Sausage’s artwork he did for this as its probably the most coolest piece of art I’ve seen, and I’d like to see more of it!

My Top 12 favourite tunes from Chiptunes = Win Vol.4 Compilation

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I’m sure the majority of you all have been listening to Chiptunes = Win’s latest compilation and its a huge one, with a total of 50 different songs to choose from. I really wanted to review this, considering its so huge for chiptune, however, I couldn’t write about each song, or else nothing would get done.

So I’ve decided that I’ll write about my top 12 favourite tracks of the compilation. Why not 10 you say? Well it was extremely hard to cut down to 12 nevermind 10! Before you read on, this is just my opinion, so don’t get angry if your favourite tune isn’t there. We all love different kinds of music!

1. Fark – Kalle Kanonkule

Straight into listening and the first song is a particularly epic song. Fark’s Kalle Kanonkule uses fantastic dancy melodies as well beautiful piano at the beginning. It is also a great song to kick off the compilation and I’m sure a lot of you have this as your favourite.

2. x Critical Strike x – Dawn of a new day

The third song off the compilation kicks off as an epic happy rave, enough to make even the most saddest person get up and start doing a jig. It makes me think of the whole soundtrack to Kirkby, especially the arp at the end.

3. Twistboy – Withdrawal

Straight after x Critical Strike x is a brilliant EDM tune with perfect build up to what continues to an ace riff. Out of all fifty songs, this is probably the most dancy song and will have nodding your head to the beat, even if you don’t realise!

4. Paralellis – Eternal Bioluminescence 

Another unique tune which puts together fantastic chilled out synth, washed out vocals and some punchy chiptune. It also takes some inspiration from such chilled bands as, Disasterpeace as well as the indie electro bands like, Superhumanoids.

5. Asleep Droid – Dithering

As soon as your ears catch this song, you’ll love the mash up of chiptune and guitar. Both are balanced and written that none hog the soundwaves. You’ll also find yourself comparing Asleep Droid to a more rooted and early form of Anamanaguchi (specifically its scott pilgrim soundtrack days).

6. Monomer – Lexicon

Monomer’s style wasn’t a big surprise to me, as I’ve heard his music before, with his latest EP, Labyrinth. A fantastic song and you’ll find a lot of heavy production went into Lexicon (as does a lot of Monomers songs). You’ll also hear some influence from certain genres as Synth and Retrowave.

7. Chrono wolf – Singularity

Chronowolf puts a lot of effort into his music, and Singularity is no exception. The song is a mesmerizing ride of leads and drums changing up and breaking down through some epic pieces. Perfectly describes singularity through sound alone.

8. 505 – Aventure at silly Venture

Another song influenced through the synthwave genre. Adventure at silly Venture is a great song which stands out from everything else chiptune, taking rhythm as its main weapon throughout. The fat bass is also a brilliant addition.

9. Stig – Corridor of Blades

I love the cold and quiet wave drums in this subtle tune. Corridor of Blades is a nice song which doesn’t rely tried and tested structures but writes its own using only abstract sounds made from sid and shimmering, heavily reverbed arps.

10. Willrock – Sand Castle

If you’ve played Shovel Knight you’ll instantly find Willrock’s Sand Castle awesome. The melodies, drums and crazy noodling from the leads are all brilliant, with the music style throwing back to those NES days. One of my favourites on the compilation from the sheer effort on the leads alone.

11. Pieces of 8 – Not with that attitude you won’t

This song is probably the most heaviest song on the compilation, with its opening bringing some hard hitting drumming and dirty bass. The drumming is also probably the best you’ll listen to, and gets even more crazier towards the end of the song.

12. umeboshi chazuke – We are knights of potato field

The final song of the compilation and fantastic song to end on, We are the knights of potato field is an epic track filled with crazy fast leads and brilliant guitar to push it forward. It’s also a nice throwback to Chiptunes = win’s prior compilation on St.Patricks Day.

So there you have it, 12 utter brilliant songs from Chiptunes – Win. I hope you liked listening to it as much as I did. Till next week 🙂