Chip Bit Day Interview: PROTODOME

I hope you’ve been enjoying all these interviews? For me it’s really good to get a proper insight into what these artists do/doing. The next one is especially important to me as he was one of the reasons that got me interested in chiptune. Based in southernly coast of the UK, Protodome creates chipfunk, a creative blend of chiptunes, funk and jazz. He has been part of the chiptune scene for a long time now, using a variety of different hardware; from FL Studio, to a NES. Most recently as part of his PHD, Protodome has been writing 1bit micro-controller music.

If you’ve been enjoying the interviews so far and are thinking about coming down to watch, you can get a ticket via the link below:

1. Who are you, what is your artist name and where do you come from?
I’m Blake ‘PROTODOME’ Troise from, broadly, the South Coast (I’ve moved about a bit).

2. What music do you make & what instruments/hardware/software do you use?
I typically make chiptune jazzfunk using FL Studio, the NES and assorted hardware / software. I’ve also been writing 1-bit microcontroller music for the last 4 years as part of my PhD research.

3. How did you get into the chiptune scene?
Growing up I was always fascinated by Game Boy music, though it was through OverClocked ReMix that I got a chance to experiment with chip sounds.

4. How has your music evolved since then?
I hope it’s less bad. (It NEVER has been – Richard)

5. Where have you played?
As PROTODOME I’ve played a few Hyperwaves and a μCollective event in London, Ludomusicology conference in Bath, John Hansard Gallery in Southampton and National Videogame Arcade events in Nottingham.

6. What has been your favourite venue you’ve played at?
It’s got to be the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham.

7. Describe your music in one word (or emoji).

8. What’s been the highlight of your musical career?
It’s dumb, but the best moment for me so far has been getting a shoutout in the manga: ゲームやるから100円貸して!

9. What’s your favourite artist and song at the moment?
It’s not chipmusic, but I’ve really been digging Anomolie’s ‘Métropole’ albums. In the chipscene, my album of the year (so far) has got to be Dimeback’s ‘Wandering Floor’.

10. What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in chiptune?
Don’t get too hung up on authenticity, dick around with sounds, have fun and write something!

11. Favourite game soundtrack?
Probably the Pokémon Trading Card Game on the Game Boy Colour. The instrumental writing is a bit vanilla compared to contemporary Game Boy techniques, but masterfully done. The harmonies are creative and communicated wonderfully through three part writing.

 You’ll be able to catch Protodome at Chip Bit Day 19:
4.55pm, 1st Floor, 14-16 Faraday St, Manchester, M1 1BE

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It feels good to be back! Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, but I was having problems due Facebook banning my site off the platform. They cited that it was because they recognised it spam and therefore it broke the TOS. I reckon it was probably done to using ‘’ links, as links are being phased out. In coming months I started moving the website from blogger to tumblr. This turned out to be a big mistake as GDPR made sharing anything almost impossible. In the end I decided it was best to create the site that you see before you. I could’ve just given up with my hobby instead of push on, however due to the amount of satisfaction that I get from people reading my blog I decided to keep at it. Chip Bit Sid has been something that has helped my find friends, help my skills but above all help me with my mental health.

I’ve been a major pusher of freedom of speech and censorship, and whilst I may not like people’s opinions shared, I’d much rather challenge those ideas instead of shutting them down. I knew censorship over the internet would be coming, however I didn’t expect it to come so quickly and mercilessly.

My next review will be shortly coming out over the weekend, and it’s been something I’ve been write about for a while. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am.