I’m finally back from my holiday from Japan, and this time it’s EP called, ‘RUN DCPM’ from ‘2A0X’ (AKA Henry Homesweet). Henry has been quite busy this year having already released a 4 track album under the moniker, ‘TRUTHR‘, experimenting using the C64. ‘RUN DCPM’ is the 3rd album Henry has released under the name, ‘2A0X’, and it continues the same style heard in, ‘Ambush’, using the sublime ‘midines’ and cool ‘TR-808’.

This unique style can be immediately identified whilst listening to the opening track, ‘RUN DCPM’. It’s literally almost synonymous with Ambush, as it’s borrows a lot of sounds and parts from the track, ‘$4020’. Even the tempo & drum patterns is pretty similar. The song however is just as creative, bringing an array of rhythmic arpeggios, subtle samples and electro vibes to the table. It almost feels like a more hardcore version of fatboy slim’s earlier work, through the clever use of programming on more than one part. There’s also no easy structure leading the way, allowing ‘RUN DCPM’ to be its own track.

Another fantastic track to listen to is the 3rd song, ‘Midnight Commander’ which a lot more progressive than the opener, featuring more of a focus on the sounds of TR-808, with the snares & symbols leading the forefront (The toms were also a close favourite, especially during the chorus). Lately, I’ve been really digging the unique sounds of the TR-808, so hearing one meld perfectly with the soundchip of the NES is very much welcome. Instead of attacking the ears like ‘RUN DCPM’ did, the NES sounds are instead more laid back and are used more as leads & effects that ripple & pulsate throughout.

Although ‘RUN DCPM’ doesn’t have the same impact as ‘Ambush’ did, it’s very well made album that shows 20AX/Henry Homesweet can utilise almost any console he can get his hands on; be it a Gameboy Advance, a NES or a C64.

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