Alone – The Retro E​-​Waste Lifestyle Club V2

Alone is a chip triphop & postrock artist hailing from Bristol, UK. Instead of using just the conventional gameboys like most chip artists, Alone’s music style uses a variety of retro consoles, filtered through digital delays & drum machines, layering them all into a neat package. Beginning in 2008, ‘The Retro E​-​Waste Lifestyle Club V2’ is Alone’s sixth album release and a sequel.

‘The Retro E​-​Waste Lifestyle Club V2’ starts off with its opening track, ‘Maximum Ultraspace’,with quickly paced square-waved riff. This is slowly & subtly built up through as the track progressing using harmonising & atmospheric filtering, its sound feeding into Alone’s postrock nature. To me it feels extremely like Holy Fuck’s music, particularly the track, ‘Super Innuit‘, as it contains a sort of playfulness, atmosphere & progressiveness that ‘Maximum Ultraspace’ seems to share.

‘The Retro E​-​Waste Lifestyle Club V2’ contains a variety of unique & progressive songs, but the track to stand out for me was the following track from Maximum Ultraspace, ‘Telling Satellites from Stars’. It features a completely different feel to opening song, sounding extremely space like through the joint use of echoed square waves & percussion, giving some vibrant rhythm. This is further built up with the use of shimmering keys & leads, giving the track an almost housey soundscape style; the perfect mood for space music.

Alone’s ‘The Retro E​-​Waste Lifestyle Club V2’ is a fantastic & unique album for which really invigorates chipmusic by introducing new ideas into the mix using articulated layering & sublime effects.

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