Asleep Droid – For Square Waves & Distorted Strings EP

Chiptune for me has been a blast. So much has happened this summer that I can’t seem to count it on my hand. The biggest thing has been the compilation album which has been a joy to work on. This thursday I got finally got to releasing the track listing and it was met with rave response:1.an0va – RC PRO JAM –
2. Powersupply – Funk Cirty –
3. Love Hz – 6 8 in space, baby! –
4. Nordloef – Basket Case (Green day Cover) –
5. Stephen Brunton – Boo! I’m a ghost –
6. Joe Bleeps – Change your Batteries –
7. Auracle – Ecchi Girl –
8. Mykah – Higher Stakes –
9. Laffe the fox – I’m just gonna lie here until my life bar is empty –
10. HIA – MDP –
11-12.J3WEL – Two songs, but I don’t wanna name em wink emoticon –
13. Asleep Droid – Perihelion (HEY) –
14. Imaginary – Pink Lemonade –
15. .mpegasus – Quixotica –
16. Onapokoya – This is –
17. Circuit Bird – Urban Thrash –

Not sure how I’m going to fit all of these on the cd, but HEY we’ll make it work…one way or another.


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This week I’m looking at Asleep Droid’s first Chiptune EP, For Sqaure Waves and Distorted Strings. Before releasing this EP, Asleep Droid released a fantastic song onto Chiptune = Win and met with praise all round. Asleep Droid first started playing Punk music exceptionally well with a guitar before getting into Chiptune. He has found his style, I can say it is awesome.

More I before I go no let’s listen to the first song, Perhelion (HEY), which begins with a great short introduction but then explodes into a medley of chiptune leads, chaotic drums and bright jangley guitar. It’s a great first song and revamps the idea of space fantastically.

Asleep Droid really seems to set himself apart from other chipmusic, with it even more so in the second song, Magical Michigan Tour. It reminds me of Anamanaguchi, but more down to earth.

There are a couple of short songs (about 1min) but they are utterly bloody brilliant, with Shinobi Thunder Wow being coolest of the two (compared to the still mega awesome, Megadrive to Megabeach). Why though?


Jumping back through the EP, I come to another song, Megabeach (linking on from Megadrive to Megabeach). This is a fantastically wonderful tune, relating to those sandy days walking around on the beach. Kinda wants me to get into my car and drive out through England’s Heatwave today (but alas I have to finish this review).

So my end thoughts? I’d have to say that I was fully blown away from the sofa upon listening to Asleep Droids latest EP. It’s spacey, unique and screams so much potential into his future as a big chiptune artist.

FYI: If anyone wants me to create artwork for their future music, I’m totally available! Just hit me on:

(Disclosure: To fully ensure ethics and shit, I have to enclose that I did the artwork for Asleep Droids album, however I wasn’t given access to the music, until I bought the album on release day. So take Kotaku, corrupt idiots).

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