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Today’s review is an exciting one. This past week I was given a copy of MR Cheapshot’s latest album, Nano. For those who don’t know him, Cheapshot is the owner Cheapbeats, one of chiptune’s biggest music labels, and a respected member of the community. As well as this cheapshot also resides in Japan, (although he is British) with a lot of his music based round it.

Anyway let’s begin!!! To start, Nano was created entirely using Nanoloop and analog synth, with its primary style being housey chiptune.

The first song AJIWAI comes in straight away with some serious good beats & thumping keys, as well as shimmering arps to let you that the gameboy’s classic sound hasn’t been lost. The thing I really like about this track was the bass, especially towards the final minute of the tune. It’s extremely jazzy and goes incredibly well with the drums as well as the punchy, rhythmic lead. You can essentially create an entire song using that sequence.

Giddy comes right after AJIWAI and is led by some real cool & strange leads, packed with so much punch, you could damn well down RYU (perhaps not haha, but it’s still pretty awesome). It then opens up for some fantastic piano keys. I also really enjoyed the echo that comes off from this sequence, as it really lends itself to the rhythm and helps add further sounds over the top.

MEISOU is a cool tune which starts off with some real wet and drowned out keys Its then slowly pushed along by the bass and beat, reaching a crescendo at 1.40 and then building on it further. I really love all the different sequences through MEISOU, especially the bridge which features a nicely delayed melody which compliments the overall song brilliantly.

The final song which is my favourite off the album, is SUIKA WARI and is completely different in its sound, using both major and minor music in the mix. It really shows that you don’t need to have a set structure to follow when it comes down to music. I also really love the progressive turns it makes through out (for example, as said before switching from major to minor) but its primarily the huge turn a real funky tune at 2.40, which will definitely get you dancing to it.

Cheapshot’s Nano is a fantastic album and really shows how much Nanoloop has come along from its days a sequencer for the gameboy. A lot of people generally use LSDJ for the gameboy, however its seems Nanoloop has really made traction when it comes to the GBA, with artists like Henry Homesweet & Cheapshot really showing what it can do. It makes really want to go out and finally start experimenting with Nanoloop.


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