Chrome Cobra – Mobile Swarming

For a while this album has been on my to do list but I never got round to it, until recently when I decided to sit down and listen; this album is called, Chrome Cobra’s ‘Mobile Swarming’. ‘Chrome Cobra’ is fairly new onto the scene, but has quickly been getting popular from playing live at events, 8static, Pulsewave until finally releasing ‘Mobile Swarming’ with Planet Zaxxon. ‘Mobile Swarming’ is a 5 track album, full of funky fresh melodies, killer breaks & mega beats, all created within one gameboy on LSDJ. A good example off what I said prior on ‘Mobile Swarming’ can be heard in the 2nd track ‘Stolen Protocol’.

It shows off a nice blend of ‘Chrome Cobra’s’ choice of breaks, but also contains impressive attention to the rhythm through the track, melding well with the drums. I found myself getting hooked easily to each part of ‘Stolen Protocol’, particularly one bit at ’01:44′, a simple yet hugely effective bassy lead. It seemed to flow beautifully whilst the beat & claps pitter pattered around. However that said, there were many other different parts of ‘Stolen Protocol’ that were just as effective & I liked; hell, even now as I get towards the end, I’m caught in the it’s insane rhythm of ‘Stolen Protocol’.

‘Stolen Protocol’ was a well written dark dance track, yet on the other side of the coin, we have the fresh & funky song, ‘Mocktail’.

This track comes straight after ‘Stolen Protocol’ and further brings the freshness of chiptune through the heavy use of, melodic bass as well as wonderfully spat out arpeggios. Now, I don’t tend to like apreggios in chiptune at the best of times, but Chrome Cobra has nailed them all perfectly, using the technique to almost mimic side chaining. Another thing I noticed, when ‘Stolen Protocol’ was over, a lot of energy that it brought was left in the lurch. ‘Mocktail’ manages to pick the energy up however, giving a further kick up the arse and the beat more of a swing. Chrome Cobra’s melodies & leads also give a helping hand further on during ‘Mocktail’, by pushing the track heavily onwards and harmonising fantastically.

‘Mobile Swarming’ is a great album which easily shows you how to a chiptune album using just gameboy, packed with LSDJ. His approach to chiptune reminds me of Auracles music style; both are different, however they each just use one gameboy to its full potential.

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