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Although I’ve still got heaps of music to go through on my list and review, I keep finding myself looking towards more of the latest chipmusic. Hence why this week I’m reviewing Dubmood & Zabutom’s collaborative EP, ‘Bad Television’. The EP initally started off in late 2014 as a game by Bitslap,(click the link and play the game) and created in only 6 hours for the Ludum Dare 31 Competition, a video game developing competition. The drums throughout were created by D.H. Peligro.

Both Dubmood & Zabutom are well established in the chiptune community, so hearing that the both of them had teamed up to make an EP was pretty sweet. However, after hearing the preview tracks of ‘Bad Television’, I was so enticed that I ended up buying the super cool red vinyl, just because.

The opening self titled track, ‘Bad Television’ is a very impressive introduction to a really solid EP, packing the punch to your ears. Its distinct & iconic style is already set up in the first 30 seconds and quickly says what ‘Bad Television’ is about; fast, melodic, punk & full to the brim with all things surf & chip. The leads throughout ‘Bad Television are shared between Dubmood & Zabutom, with both of them showing their talent & prowess in playing their choice of instrument. I particularly loved the thumping bass near the beginning of the track, which serves as the hook & glue holding the track together. To sum it up, ‘Bad Television’s’ self titled track, is the most stand out song off the EP. It really hones in the themes & genre’s that are cited as inspiration, on Data Airlines; Hardcore Punk, Surf Music & Arcade style of chiptune.

My second pick track is a hard one to choose from. ‘Rising Wave’ is an extremely bluesy track, whilst further keeping to the surfing vibes. However. ‘Astro Surfing’ is more a balance of both chip & guitar, whilst also being longer & solidly sticking to it’s themes! In the end I decided to choose ‘Astro Surfing’, mainly down it’s fantastic usage of leads in both in the chip & guitar department. Although, ‘Rising Wave’ is a truly beautiful bluesy tune, I feel ‘Astro Surfing’ goes an extra mile in its ever melodic leads, whilst also containing a ‘spacey yet surfery’ flavour throughout. The strong creativity of Astro Surfing is also extremely easy to hear, with each lead & riff given enough flare to set fire to your speakers.

‘Bad Television is truly a fantastic EP, that is it’s easy to see why Dubmood & Zabutom won the award for best music soundtrack at Ludum Dare 31. To collaborate on something with so little time, yet come out with music this inventive & inspiring is rather awesome.

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