Galaxy Wolf – Detonating Star System

I’ve been having some weird scheduling trying to get into Mondays, but now hopefully it’ll be fine. This week I’ve been going back into my catalogue of old music and have been listening to Galaxy Wolf’s album, ‘Detonating Star System’, released via Cheap Beats Music. I bought it a while back and though I didn’t have the time to listen to it before, I thought I’d give it a try now.

To start off Galaxy Wolf’s style is incredibly unique in terms of chiptune. He opts for tracks with slow & lingering beats, allowing for the rhythm to take control of the music. 
‘Detonating Star System’ opens up with the song, ‘Tenfold’, a track which starts off with such a mesmerising arpeggio, the sound flickering up and down like a twinkling star. From there the slow drums & bass accompany the main riff, their sounds seeming so ripe & bright. Big changes happen at ’01:43′, when a break down begins, allowing the drums & and sawtooth bass to be heard clearer, until the bass takes over as lead. Although ‘Tenfold’ doesn’t deliver an impact as big as some of tracks on the album, it’s serves as a great introduction to GW’s music & style.

This is made up for by the raw & powerful track ‘Epsom’, through the use of its hallowing bass and use simple yet effective leads. It’s main riff is both beautiful & incredible, delivering a powerful sound through the excellent pacing of ‘Epsom’. It’s bridge also packs a punch, the wobbles & shakes serving up as a great accompaniment to some killer dance moves. It would safe to say that ‘Epsom’ would act perfectly as a window wobbler. 

In fact I would probably say that almost the whole album is a window wobble on its own, particularly through GW’s rhythmic use of squarewave leads, as they seem to roll through arpeggios almost perfectly.

I thought I’d add one last track, because it really caught my fancy (and I thought I was done with the album review haha). ‘The Slickest’ seems to be one track which both the leads & rhythm work impeccably, with it’s structure following as one amazing track, from start to finish. I especially loved its main riff where the twinkling leads weave within the traplike drums, samples peppered all around. This then leads a fantastic build up of a sweet & crazy lead at ’01:50′, swaying & noodling and taking over the song.

‘Detonating Star System’ is a heart pounding with plenty of sweet tracks.

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