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Hey guys. It’s been a while since I last published a review, mainly down to getting the funding secure for Chip Bit Day 18, but I’ll talk about that later. For now I’d like to review an album that I’ve been sitting on for a while now. It’s ‘Monolith’ by Graz and was released with ‘Ravertooth Tiger’.

The last time I review a Graz album was back in 2016 with ‘Ravepunk’ and that released by ‘Cheapbeats’. It was a great listen whilst feeling incredibly boppy & funky. ‘Monolith’ however is a lot different compared to ‘Ravepunk’, sounding more heavy whilst feeling darker & grittier.

The best example of these themes can be heard in the opening track, ‘Death Becomes’, which features some sinister sounds from the furious WAV channel, accompanied by the dark & deadly melody made by the Pulse channels. This melody in fact is probably one of the catchiest hooks off the album and it immediately captures you, engulfing you in a aura of death & hysteria. It’s also referenced a fair bit throughout ‘Death Becomes’, with ‘Graz’ using pieces of the melody, improvising and leading to quiet some variety in the song.

Whilst death & darkness are heavy themes throughout, ‘Graz’ also brings dubstep into the mix, heavily using the the Wav Channel to issue some great break downs. This can be heard in the track ‘Burst (Bit By Bit)’ which uses frequent ascending & descending ‘WAV voice sounds’. It’s a great unique little hook in the track, and without it ‘Burst’ wouldn’t be what it was.

Sampling is another technique used to a great extent, leading to some interesting sequences that lend themselves to the dark themes produced. Monolith’s signature track is a great leader in displaying this, with the introduction showing some fantastic techniques merging percussion and voice samples with each other. The samples are so quickly used that you’re unable to understand the meaning behind them, yet provide the necessary kick to ‘Monolith.’ Whilst the sampled sequence is interesting in ‘Monolith’, I cannot forget the WAV’s produced in the song, as the sounds & tones created are by far some of the most intriguing and deadly hooks off the album.

Graz’s album ‘Monolith’ is yet another album from 2017 that I failed to review quickly. Thankfully I made by for that and giving it the necessary words it deserves.

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