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Continuing on from the Nanoloop Hype train, we have an absolute minimalist album from German artist, ‘havocCc.’ ‘havocCc’ is known across much of Europe for his exclusive talent in using Nanoloop 2.0 to create live minimalist chiphouse beats! I’d already seen ‘havocCc’ play in London way back during the last ‘Hyperwave’ by ‘Shirobon’, and his method really interested me. However it wasn’t until the Chip Bit Day Pre Party in manchester when ‘havocCc’ played, he really made his mark. The sound, structure, ferocity and method to creation, went all above and beyond expectations. So much so that one speakers had to call it quits temporarily, as it had overheated from the constant bass! :O

‘_Lo_Tech’ is havocCc’s first nanoloop release since touring for the last two years across europe, working on composing music on the fly. Through all this experimentation, havocCc has managed to record each song off ‘_Lo_Tech’ in one take. This is one incredible feat.

Anyway, let’s take a listen to the first track, ‘_Lo_Tech #1’. Prior to the album release, I was already aware ‘_Lo_Tech #1’, as it was featured on the ‘Chip Bit Day Compilation Album’. It begins very minimalistic, with the synth slowly opening up. Whilst that one sound doesn’t immediately show where havocCc is going, new harsher tones are brought into the mix and built upon. The song gradually expands when sound of a gong signals the turn in style a sudden addition of the kick. This knocks the jam in gear, causing havocCc get’s to work the next stage. Whilst the track is almost 10 minutes long, a lot is still going on, with various different changes throughout, there’s always something being changed or altered.

Although I really dug ‘_Lo_Tech #1’ I must confess due to the long running time of each track, I found it quite hard to listen to each track fully to make a balanced opinion. I can appreciate the sheer amount of effort that went into each song, but I feel that gets lost when a song is almost 10 minutes. For the next album, I would reduce the amount of tracks to instead 4, or reduce the time of the tracks to about 7 minutes. That said, it’s a great effort which shows how accomplished havocCc has become.

I look forward to what he comes up with next!

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