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This weeks review is on Jamatar’s ‘Spacesounds’ and it’s a special one, due to it being ‘HYPERWAVE’ Record’s first Artist to sign with the label! Not only that but the album itself is a blast, being created on a gameboy whilst synced with an arduinoboy. First things first, ‘Jamatar’ is an Artist hailing from the sunny city of Melbourne, Australia, playing progressive music through the use of gameboys, laptop and guitar. Spacesounds is Jamatar’s debut release and already shows signs of musical brilliance.

The opening track, ‘Gravity’ quickly establishes Jamatar’s music style, through the use of drowned out keys & guitar, in which he gets the sound absolutely spot on. The whole track rides upon chilled out good times, feeling almost as if I’ve been transported back to the 80s, to the time when Tears for Fears had brought out, ‘Everybody wants to rule the world‘. Gravity comes off as a fantastic opening track, with its progressiveness, structure use of effects a certain high point.

The next highlight off the Album is ‘Singularity’, and instead of pushing the progginess like Gravity, it focuses more on being a electronic dance track. It does superbly by giving rhythm to the bass and having the beat push forward. The leads also lend a great hand, acting in short bursts, whilst still remaining powerful throughout. 

Jamatar’s Spacesounds rarely puts a foot wrong through the whole album, capturing the feel of the cold corners of space in such a way that I haven’t seen in any other artist. This also made it incredibly hard to pick tracks which best defined of how skillful Spacesounds is.

One such song, is the final track off the album ‘Unity’, features such a funky bass line which fits perfectly with the wet sounds of the pulse lead. It’s also nice to hear the inclusion of other instruments such as the guitar, giving off a mellow yet bright and rhythmic sound. ‘Unity’ has got to be the most melodic track, using so many types of different harmonizing leads. 
Spacesounds is yet another fantastic addition for the ‘best chip album of the year’, in that it brings together what’s brilliant in the gameboy & arduino, but pushes it even further.

Gravity & Unity

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