Je Mappelle – Game Boy Music 2013-2015

I’ve been meaning to listen to this for a while now. Je Mappelle is an artist who resides on the small island with a Space Program, the Isle of Man (I shit you not on the space program)! Je Mappelle has been creating chipmusic since 2012 now, and racked up a huge catalog of different music, with not just chiptune but electronic EDM too!

His latest album named simply, ‘Game Boy Music 2013-2015’ and was released back in April. It’s a nice EP packed 5 tracks, and it’s evident Je Mapelle know’s his stuff just listening to the first opening track, ‘Grid’.

It’s a short & sweet song at 1.22 that contains some nice mixing between channels, with the kicks & snares weaving fantastically within each other. There’s even a cool sample of a bendy guitar solo thrown in which fits almost perfectly. Most introductory tracks don’t define the style well for their artist, however that’s not the case with ‘Grid’, and does it so quickly & straightforward.

The last song off album, ‘Scattered’ is one other brilliant track which features some great structuring like, ‘Grid’, but follows the genre of EDM, feeling almost like a Trey Frey’s track, ‘Refresh‘. This is down to the amazing use of melodies and powerful leads, as they’re extremely catchy and extremely rhythmic in nature.

At times however, I do feel some of the tracks wander a bit in certain places, as if the artist didn’t have a plan, but this is rare, with the majority of the tracks, hitting hard with some unique riffs.

After hearing a taste of Je Mappelle’s music, it’s enticed me to go through the rest of his music on his bandcamp page. If you liked ‘Game Boy Music 2013-2015’, check out the links below for more info!

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