Kanashimi – JellyBear

This Friday I decided to talk about someone who is completely new to the chiptune scene. I’m thinking continuing this every Friday, as I really would like to give my support to the artists who really trying to get a leg up in the world right now.


I recently bought this EP, partly due to wanting to support his beer money, but mainly down to the awesome relaxing vibes that came from JellyBear’s producing. Although we’re nearly breaking into springtime, listening to this song kinda makes me think we’re already there  (dammit why can’t it come sooner). Here’s to looking forward and seeing the daffodils sprout.

There are plenty of good songs ranging from a wide paradigm of different styles such as chiptune, piano keys and even breakbeat. Seems to me breakbeat is on the rise with chiptune that, sounds like something I really should keep an ear out for! The overall theme is quite sombre and chilled compared its artwork which is quite conflicting but also details a happy, colourful and lively energy about the EP.

The track I decided to feature is called, Kanashimi which shows off Jellybear’s talent in creating breakbeat. Whilst listening, the beats really work well in carrying the melodies of the piano, as well as balancing it out, not letting it get dry or boring. Jellybear’s piano skills also really shine out here, ringing out in an harmonious fashion.

Listen to the rest of Jelly Bears EP via Bandcamp

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