Leaving Home – Breakbeat Heartbeat: why everyone should listen to chiptunes!

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This was a post written by my mate, Jimmy Clarke, and is the first time he’s listened to chiptune! Please give him a warm welcome!

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Leaving Home by Breakbeat Heartbeat, is the first ever chiptunes album I have listened to, so I am writing this from a completely new perspective, I apologise if I misplace or misuse any technical points. My initial worry was that the genre would be too far away from my usual indie/rock listenings, that I wouldn’t be able to appreciate it.

However this was not the case, Leaving Home is a beautiful blend of nostalgic inducing technical notes, along with more traditional instrument and composition styles, a merge I thought would be too harsh and forced, but yet after a few minutes I’d forgotten this was new territory.

Each song completely immerses you, and gives the sense and flow of a well crafted story, at no point does this album or it’s songs within feel repetitive, this album is very mellow and makes for a great atmospheric and calming experience.

Leaving Home
The first song on the album is the title track, instantly the song wraps you up in a warm cuddly sense of security, before breaking out in a more exciting adventurous beat, so in terms of telling a story, it is aptly named, the pace is slow and calm, setting the tone for the entire album.

Grey is a slightly quicker chirpier tune, the sounds intensify and pack more of a punch, drawing you further into their world, when kicking in after the intro, you are presented with a wonderful sounding recreation of more traditional instruments reimagined in this modern medium. It is a very enjoyable and catchy tune!

Delta is a more suspenseful song, building up with a very symphonic and cheerful introduction, once the song settles in, the strings transform into their modern counterpart though at this point it is becoming harder to differentiate between the two as my mind is fully settled in and accepted this new genre.

I am including Alone as it is the most different in the album, it takes all that Leaving Home has built up and adds an intensity and speed that whilst not being out of place makes the song one of the most stand out ones in the album, the higher octaves falling into deeper undercurrents help establish a song which is hard not to appreciate.

Leaving Home, on a whole is a genuinely wonderful album to experience, any fan of the genre could happily use this as an introductory tool to get others to understand their passion, and seeing as the album is free, there’s no excuse as to not donate to ensure the artist keeps up the good work!


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