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Mondays can often at times be a drag. A new day and a new week usually comes with a stack of work, along with longing for the weekend. This was the same for me, however that all changed today, when I got a copy of Liblary by Scandinavian artist, Libla.

Based in Finland, Libla (real name, Timmi Artturi Mäkelä) is an accomplished musician, knowing a wide string of instruments, from Bass to Keyboard. A fan of all things retro, Libla, is a big fan to the throwbacks of the gameboy as well as other great retro consoles. Starting out as full chiptune artist with his breakout EP, Liblary, he plans to release a lot more material in the near future.

So any who…

let’s start with this review!

As is customary, I began Liblary with the opening track, Max Speed, and what a great song it is. Libla showcases his strengths with this song, making sure that the bass line, drums, cymbals, everything works to his advantage, with the lead especially, which he really flexes out, running up and down the keys with precision. I also liked the punchiness of his style, not as noisy or grunge as usual chiptune (like chipzel), but clear and bright.

The second song, Drifting Spaceships was nice lead on from Max Speed, with the lead slowly ascending and descending. The curve ball is the breakdown, with the Egyptian lead. It was really cool, but perhaps a bit too out there.

Restricted Area was a fantastic song, really capturing the feel of something off limits. The groovy leads and style really made think to some of the game soundtracks I had heard eons ago, such as, Theme Hospital and even Worms. The complete change in the style was a welcome addition, Libla obviously experimenting pushing his ideas.

Moving through the rest of the album, sadly The Dance Floor, kinda missed the mark, however, superheroes really packed a punch due to being short and sweet. Lastly, Laser beams was a great send off, though I would’ve included the introduction with the rest of the song. However that said, it is probably one of my favourite songs on the album, with the structure and progression is extremely neat.

Overall I had a good time listening to Liblary and it showed real potential as being Libla’s first album into Chiptune.

I feel in the future he should focus more on doing songs like Laser Beams and keep the beats going as well as the structure. I also wished he included my robot voice because, it was probably one the best I’d heard in a long time! If you liked it, you can get the EP on bandcamp for a measly €1! So please support Libla, so we can continue the spread of new chiptune artists around the world!

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