Maniac Mac – Tha Space

Hey guys, it’s that time again, a new chiptune blog. This time I’ve been sent a couple of songs by an artist based in Sweden called, Maniac Mac (real name, Marcus Larsson), which came from his breakout EP, Tha Space. I seem to be finding quite a few chiptune artists in regional Scandinavia, so it’s really cool to see that chiptune is thriving in other places rather than just Japan, UK & US.

Maniac Mac describes his music as:

“Swedish electro/chiptune music both for the party maniacs and the sad persons!” 

And rightly so! Maniac’s music style is a mix crazy, happy melodies & tunes and complimented by some smooth, light and creative drumming. As soon you start listening, instantly be transported into your own happy world, perhaps even full of unicorns and spaceships.

Though the first song, ‘A true Maniac’, is a little repetitive at moments, The rest of the EP is brilliant, with ‘Flow’ reminding me a lot the old Amiga games such as, Theme Hospital and Lemmings

If the happy bouncy style isn’t your taste, then I suggest you listen to the next song, ‘Banned from swedish radio’, which includes some proper thumbing bass, tunes and space.

This is most likely my favourite song on the whole EP, however this is strongly followed by ‘L√•gstadiedisco’, which a mix of both happy melodies as well as keeping with the disco vibes.

Overall it was a great EP that he wrote. I’d definitely like to hear some more tunes from him in the future, perhaps more with a disco vibe. I get the funny feeling, he’d do a great cover of Heart of Glass by Blondie. Perhaps he’ll take up the challenge? I certainly hope so!

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