Master Boot Record – C​:​\​>CHKDSK /F

I’m back! This week I’ve been listening to ‘Master Boot Record’s’ latest album, ‘C​:​\​>CHKDSK /F’. For those who don’t know who he is, ‘Master Boot Record’ appeared on the scene back in September 2016, releasing ton of albums within a short space of time. Since then, he’s managed to get himself onto ‘DATA AIRLINES’, with his whole discography available as cassettes!

This mainly due to his style being incredibly unique, using an old Intel computer complete with a i486 dx, to produce heavy metal synth sounding music. You wouldn’t expect this to sound so much like metal, but for the love of Odin it is!

The opening track off ‘C​:​\​>CHKDSK /F’, starts with ‘IO.SYS’, and is known as ‘an essential part of MS-DOS.’ As soon as you begin to listen to this song, you immediately get a taste for ‘Master Boot Record’s’ signature sound. It sounds rather crisp & classical whilst being purely raw & raunchy. It almost feels like I’m listening to the heavy metal version of ‘Phantom of The Opera’. Unlike the majority of ‘Master Boot Record’s’ tracks, ‘IO.SYS’ contains more of structure, focusing more reprisals rather just the melody. It works brilliantly, mainly due to every part being slow & echo-like. This allows for everything to ring out and create tons of atmosphere.

Although it first felt a lot of ‘C​:​\​>CHKDSK /F’s’ tracks sounded the same, once I started listening to the rhythm & melody, I realised there was much to ‘Master Boot Record’s’ music.

His music is definitely for the metal lovers, more so in the third track off ‘C​:​\​>CHKDSK /F’, ‘XCOPY.EXE’, known as ‘a command used on PC DOS for copying multiple files & trees’. This song is a lot more melodic, starting with a fantastic, drony solo at beginning until going into bridge of arpeggios, building up and then reaching the head bagging crescendo. I really loved this part after, namely down to it’s rhythmic style of keys and excessive use of the drum kick. Every time I listened to this part of ‘XCOPY.EXE’ it had me banging my head in time constantly. Definitely a kick ass tune!

There are many more tracks I could talk about here, but I’d just be reiterating the points I’ve made (although ‘CONFIG.SYS’ reminded me of a metal version of the ‘Adams Family’), Instead I’ll say listen to whole album and you’ll get a good dosage of synth metal. Just remember your devil horns.
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