Melt Channel – ✌️ O ✌️

I bought a cool ass game boy this week and it is awesome! I decided I wanted to include some classic DMG in my songs, and have it as a lead. So as soon as I saw it, I snapped it up!

I can’t wait to get this bad boy playing, I’m looking forward to getting it this week. I’ll even be doing a review on it as well (giving some credit to the guy who also made it).


I’ve been fan of Melt Channel since their second album, Magic is real. Hailing from Florida and inspired hugely by Anamanaguchi, Melt Channel mainly focuses on chiptune being their lead, instead of the technical wizardry Anamanaguchi does with their guitars.

I’m fucking loving the art above for the new EP as well!

So as soon as I found out that Melt Channel were releasing a smaller EP, comprising of two songs, I quickly through my money at the screen in hopes that the internet would take it. Thankfully it did and eagerly awaited to listen to Melt Channel’s aptly named, ✌️ O ✌️ (I wouldn’t know how to say that in words).

To say that this EP is awesome, is an understatement. Both songs, Machine Machine and Lite Brite Fite Nite, are fantastic, and progressive master pieces, not relying on a certain structure. I would’ve liked to have heard more gritty guitar, but it harmonizes extremely well with the chiptune programming.

Another thing which stood in the last album was the drums, the drumming being the best I’ve seen on a chiptune album. Though in ✌️ O ✌️ the drums were programmed through gameboy, they were still pretty legendary, though in future albums I would stick with physical drums, as it sets the songs apart from the rest of the chiptune genre.

After just those songs, I’m glad to see Melt Channel are still writing some good material, though albeit quite short, as I wish they’d included more! Oh well here’s hoping the next LP comes pretty soon!

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