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MisfitChris is a chip/simchip artist hailing from Connecticut, USA. Chris’s music is a marriage between all things chiptune & electronic, experimenting with a variety of styles whilst being inspired by VGM, Daft Punk, Aphex Twin and many more creative artists. Chris’s latest release, ‘Bubblegum’, is his 12th album to date and features various unique styles, from Vaporwave to Trap. Prior to his latest album, Chris has released on some prolific net labels, with DataAirlines being a major one.

What’s amazing about ‘Bubblegum’, is that it hooks you in straight away, Chris’s style both incredibly unique & adaptive. The opening track, ‘Pocket Monster Cute’, takes inspiration from various VGM and wraps it up in a layer of sublime Vaporwave. A rare thing to see in chiptune, Vaporwave, but is more than welcome, especially if done as good as ‘Pocket Monster Cute’. Another thing that makes the track unique is the way how the to introduction begins extremely melody & quite bouncy, but quickly goes into seriously chilled waters. It really shows some great skill in transitioning between styles, something that can be quite hard. Overall Pocket Monster Cute feels like one of those tracks that’s an absolute melter to have by a pool, whilst relaxing in the sun. Definitely one for the holidays.

The third track, ‘After Story’, is another cute song which continues the same hype that ‘Pocket Monster Cute’ brought. It’s a lost less chilled in its style however, following more along the lines of trap & glofi, especially with the use of the vocoder, serving as the lead & structure. It reminds me a lot Lemon Future’s track, Mettle, which yet another fantastic & slow track. On it’s own, its one real funky tune and definitely another song for the summer.

MisfitChris set out to create a mini EP for the summer and it seems he has succeeded with Bubblegum, by blending both chiptune, vaporwave & trap; a perfect combination!

 ~ MisfitChris~ 
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