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Back in March when Chip Bit was just a baby, I was given Quixotica 1 by the lovely .Mpegasus to listen to and review. The album was a nice throw back to the amiga days when the demo scene was just starting to become a thing. It also showed .Mpegasus’ intent on experimenting and pushing boundaries to find his style.

Since then, .Mpegasus has been working on the sequel from Quixotica and it shows how much more he has grown as an artist and how comfortable is within his style. 

.Mpegasus’ new album is a 10 track new step up from his previous endeavour back in 2013, with a new look at his sound and style.

The album kicks off with the ever thought provoking, Knowledge and it’s prevalent that .Mpegasus has taken inspiration from chiptune & synthpop musicians such as Shirobon or Futurecop. This becomes very apparent in some songs like Logic Gate and the Quixotica song. The 80s have obviously left a huge impression and one which is translated fantastically.

Getting back to the Quixotica song, this one tune which truly fixates on the sound of the 80s, trying to capture that magic of driving through miami with neon lights. Its a monumental standout tune with some fantastic change ups throughout.

Although a complete new step up the previous Quixotica album, Radmarket is probably the one song that relates back to its roots, with some cool fat leads going over some crisp drums.

One final song which packs a huge punch is, SIGNALost, which is .Mpegasus’ answer to darkwave, and boy is it awesome, with some fat, evil synths over dreamy leads, enough to make you shiver at the sinister impact.

Yes, Quixotica 2 is one fine album, and has really raised the bar further for .Mpegasus. His new take on his style shows a more seriousness whilst still keeping to his roots, something which I really admire with chiptune musicians.

Quixotica 2 is avaiable for preorder (with 25% off if you do) and will be released on bandcamp 1st September, just in time for his live gig at Superbyte. 

Link be here if you wish you buy it!

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