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 I’m typing this out Sunday, but sending it out Monday, so for the sake of sanity, let’s say this is Monday. Okay? Brill!

You’ve probably already read my previous article on cTrix who will be turning up for Manchester’s Superbyte 2015 (if you haven’t well, you’re in luck! Here’s a link). By a stroke of a coincidence, I recently found that the next guy I decided to write about is also attending the event, .Mpegasus.

To start, let me tell you a bit about him. .Mpegasus (real name, Martin Binfield) is an artist who focuses more on the electro and breakbeat side of music, each of songs delivering heavy bassie hooks, along with drum beats cutting through all that chip, with his style drawing from sounds the likes of, the classic Spectrum Console and brilliant Commodore 64 (two fantastic machines).

Hailing from Cambridgeshire, .Mpegasus has been smashing of music for over 6 years, and has built up a collection of songs under his banner, primarily Quixotica, which I came across.

When first listening to Quixotica, I didn’t really know what to expect. The opening song, Allergens took me so surprise with it’s pounding, jumping bass and through me off (I suppose I haven’t listened to enough breakbeat)! However as soon as it set in, I found myself grooving off the vibes, it’s tip-tapping rhythm sounding like echo of a tap. From then on music took an interesting turn with it’s descent into the next song, Breakdown, probably one of my favourites of the Album.

Several other key songs that I particularly enjoyed include: Different, with it’s bouncy lead intro; Fragments, it’s great uplifting melodies shining the most in the album; and Penultimately, Gauss flask, possibly the most ‘video game like’ song in the Album.

Finally, last but not least we have, JustLetGo, the longest but most progressive song out of the Album. Reasons for why this song is awesome are mainly down to the fact, that this is such an song epic to end everything, and man do I love progressive songs!

Overall it was a great (and maybe perhaps a bit too long) listen and I could definitely see where his roots came from. It also made me wonder if he’d actually thought of composing vide game music, as I think, without a doubt, his style would definitely fit in.

After listening to Quixotica I can say that .Mpegasus will be a very welcome addition to the this years Super Byte festival and I look forward to seeing him perform with chiptune’s finest.

Listen to rest of of .Mpegasus via Bandcamp

Visit .Mpegasus’ Website

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