Pain Perdu – Nouvelle Lune

This is week to try and keep up with the weekly reviews, here’s an album from the highly hyped duo, ‘Pain Perdu’. I’ve been following ‘Pain Perdu’ for a while now, ever since they came onto the ‘Chipwin boards’ offering help with ‘LSDJ’ as well as having delightful discussions. Their first epic release was last year on the ‘Chiptunes=win compilation vol.5′, with ‘Artefact’ and showed some mesmerising programming as well as unique jams only seen from a few artists. It also comes as no surprise that ‘Cheap Beats‘ is helping to releases Pain Perdu’s 1st album!

So it is a real pleasure to jump right into what is probably one of this years best albums; ‘Nouvelle Lune’.

There’s a huge pick of choice tracks on, however I have to start with, ‘Tournesol’. It begins with some great use of arpeggios & a needling lead which quickly transcends into a powerful sequence of chords, before going into probably one of the best hooks off the album. Words cannot describe how gut punching it is to hear; it almost sounds like the track has just gone around the world at the speed of light, only to smack you square in the jaw. Quite powerful indeed. I also can’t forget to mention the unique & almost carousel like sequence; it’s rolling feel & arpeggios running up and down the board. Whilst not the most danciest (the change in pace sees to that) ‘Tournesol’ has a lot of character, namely through it’s melody work, chords & structure.

‘Balsamique’ is the final track (aside from the remixes) from Pain Perdu, and it’s big one, through its vastly strong leads which are 100% solid from start to finish. The energy is constantly pushed around and flowing, from 0:00, 0:35, 1:15, 1:35 and onwards till finish. Those points were probably the parts that hit me the most, with the best bit 2:15, when a fill of breakbeats enter the ring, providing a fantastic and breakdown into the next part.

Nouvelle Lune is a fantastic album to break out with and from a duo who have already shown what they’re made of! However I doubt this will be the their best material, and I’m expecting even better things to come in the future of Pain Perdu.

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