Paladin Shield – The Lost Chronicles

Last year Paladin Shield released, their self titled EP, it showcased their brilliant, droney, 8bit style. Since the release, it has garnered them a lot of popularity, so much that they’re on par to release an album with Data Airlines Records this year, with a lot of people including me, looking forward to it. We don’t quite know when this’ll be however, so they released ‘The Lost Chronicles’, a two track EP with previously unreleased songs.

The first track, ‘Cloudy Face’ kicks off with a highly energetic & experimental instrumental, going into a very catchy hook at 0.24. Paladin Shield have always been very good with the instrumentals, as you can see that in their previous self titled EP. The vocals start just after a minute into the song, and are extremely mystical, especially with the harmonising humming. It’s extremely brief however, going into another brilliant instrumental. ‘Cloud Face’ is ultimately something which Paladin wanted to experiment with, bringing Prog rock into the mix and further define their music style.

The final track, ‘Winter Glow’ is a song going back to their tried & tested sound. It’s starts immediately off with a watery arpeggio, whilst the bass is punched out & a square sound lead wanders over the top. The vocals have always been top notch, but they seem to really punch even further, with the distortion & echo added for effect. This is taken to another height with the chorus, as you can really hear the raw emotion being bellowed out. I’d say ‘Winter Glow’ is the best song I’ve heard from Paladin Shield so far, with the producing & thought on the track really coming through.

Although these are tracks that didn’t make it into any of the EPs, I’m really glad they decided to release them. Both are unique in their own way and really hype up what Paladin Shield’s next album could be, and I’m looking forward for when that day comes!

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 Paladin Shield 

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