Pixeltune – For A While

This week I’m looking at Pixeltune’s latest album, ‘For a While’. Pixeltune is an incredibly sophisticated chiptune artist who focuses in using extensive LSDJ layering, as well as including other elegant sounds & styles.

The first track to really entice your ears is the 2nd song, ‘Gemini’. It starts off as a very chilled out tune, through its use of sawtooth bass, keys & elegant lead, that go together like cheese & ham. It’s a beautiful introduction to a truely powerful song with still more to show off. Once the drop hits at ‘01.33’ ‘Gemini’s’ real hook hits you, taking elements of EDM & Dubstep, to make a heart pounding sound, whilst shimmering through the noise of LSDJ. It also features some cool little licks & fills under the use of the drums & wobbles of dubstep. ‘Gemini’ truly shows how technical you can be with LSDJ.

Whilst there are a lot of tunes that have been created to perfection, the best track off the album however has to be, ‘Half Awake’. It’s a seriously cool tune, which both has incredibly chilled out styles as well as being balanced with some carefully crafted EDM. The one thing that obviously stands out is ‘Half Awake’s wonderful piano pieces which fantastically fit alongside with harsh 8bit dubstep dance & edm. ‘Half Awake’ also contains strong progression throughout, from beginning vastly atmospheric, to sharp & quick. One beautiful tune that goes through so many motions.

‘For a while’ is a great album is huge amount of brilliant songs to get into & dance. It almost makes me feel bad that I didn’t get into his Cheapbeats release, ‘A Coherent Fix’. I think I’ll re-listen to it and do a review in future. At any rate, this is one great chiptune album for 2016.

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