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This may be a bit late but this is because of mainly one thing…


Yes, this weekend there was so much happening, comics, geekery and even some chiptune. On saturday was the comic con after party and I had the courtesy of listening to the lovely tunes of Auracle. The night was so good I decided to snap it below.

I had a great time and I’m looking forward to listening and reviewing Auracle’s new material when it comes out in the near the future.
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This week I’m reviewing an EP that was sent to me while back, but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to listen to it until now. Portopak is a chiprock artist who resides in Pittsburgh of Pennsylvania. A lot of his music uses combines the use of synth, a Guitar and sweet drums, with postrocky music. His synth involves a variety of different instruments such as, the standard gameboy and a stylophone.
His latest EP Monsters, and was inspired by a lot of old school horror films.
It’s first song, Doubting Dracula, quickly breaks out with a bassy wave lead thumping away, and some rhythmic guitar smashing in with the ten seconds. Through out the tune, everything is pretty tight and quick and is probably the most stand out song on the EP.
Troubled Ghost winds it back a bit and is a nice slow blend of chiptune and guitar, making something complete different and unique. I felt it was quite postrocky and conceptual, using subtle spoken words in the background.
Monsters’ final song, Listen Galahad, is a very post rock song continuing on from what Troubled Ghost had first left off. However a huge spoken word sample piece is included over the top, to emphasise the songs intent.
Monsters is a great short EP and I would say is definitely experimental. I loved the style it went, but sadly it ended too soon. I hope Portopak uses the same ideas he came up for this EP, as creating a bigger postrock EP would be definitely be sweet!

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