Reach The For Stars – Ctrix

Last night I recently heard that Aussie based producer Ctrix was joining the line up of Manchester’s rising Chiptune festival, Super Byte 2015. I was hugely over joyed to be hearing that one of my favourite Amiga exclusive bands would flying hundreds of miles just to play rainy Manchester.

For those who have not heard of Ctrix, he released his first Album with Bleep Street, A for Amiga, and was mega popular with chiptune enthusiasts around. For me the reason why I liked his style was based of his exclusive nature to use the Amiga consoles; the commodore and 400 respectively. At that moment, I hadn’t approached the demoscene, so this was an ideal opener for anyone who wanted to move into certain waters which weren’t filled with game boys.

The track that I have featured, Reach for The Stars, is the first one on the LP, and is a nice hard hitting track to start an album.

Listen to the rest of the album via bandcamp

Have a look at Ctrix’s awesome website!

Have a look at Manchester’s rad festival, Super Byte 2015

FYI: If you live near Manchester or the Northwest and you like chiptune, I urge you to go Super Byte this year. By far one of the best indie festivals I’ve been to and previous years they’ve had the likes of, Mega Ran, SabrePulse and even Anamanaguchi!

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