Sandachi sound system – SI

We’re looking at another release from an artist based in Japan. ‘SI’ by ‘SunamachiSoundSystem’ (砂町サウンドシステム) is a new album, released on record label, ‘Estra‘. Instead of using the most typical chiptune hardware, ‘SI’ was made using an old machine called, ‘The Elektron Monomachine’, which utilises various different bit hardware, such as the ‘SID chip’ (commonly found in the C64) and ‘FM synth.’ Both minimalistic but flowing with style, ‘SI’ feels like an exciting journey through space, with the variety of fat and thick melodies rolling off each track.

A good example of all this can be found in my favourite track off the album, ‘Respond to Bhagawarn’ (バガヴァーンこたえる). It begins very simple, starting off with a very tight set of drums. This is in return is complimented with some fat, warm keys that shimmer and shine. New instruments are then brought to the table, such as the lowly squarewave that echoes out whilst an arpeggio rolls forth. With all this together the songs almost feels as if we’re happily floating in space, looking down at earth and trying to spot any life occurring.

‘Respond to Bhagawarn’ is a lovely track to listen to, as it feels almost euphoric, with each tone and sound ringing out, whilst the laid back beat just plods along. It is also a great example what Sunamachi Sound System’s style is using the Mono Machine, and what else lies in on the album ‘SI’.

Other tracks to listen to: ‘夏 (Summer)’ God’s Patience

 Sandachi Sound System 

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