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I’m going to be on the radio tonight! The good people at Gameface on Fab Radio have invited me around to guest appear and play some wicked chiptune music. This is brilliant as I’ll be able to show off all the chiptune music that I’ve been finding and people have sent me. So I’m putting together a 15 track playlist, if anyone wants to be featured, please comment below with a link.

I’ve been listening to plenty of different chiptune music, since the Hyperwave launch party, one of which I had in my car for the last two weeks. That’s Shirobon’s latest album, Infinity. Shirobon is an experienced chiptune artist who uses game consoles such as, game boys to make music in the style of Synth Pop and has been doing so since 2008! He is also the founder of the Hyperwave Label.

Before listening I bought another of his as well as Infinity, Arcade Dream. I decided to listen his latest material due to the simple game of Ip Dip  Doo.

As soon as I put it into my car radio driving back from London, I was hit with a fantastic intro to Infinity, “Are You Ready”. It quickly shows off Shirobon’s fantastic tracking from using a gameboy and LSDJ. It also shows several other elements made with other software as well as kick ass sampling. 

From there on the build up into the next song, Meteor is god damned fantastic, and is passed the gauntlet an epic way. The bass in Meteor is down right so brilliantly terrifying, so great when you’re driving down at 75 miles an hour.

This is probably the best song in the album down to its epic bass which thumps so hard, along with the hard hitting lead.
Next is “Hack The Mainframe” which is fantastic song, sandwiched in between Meteor, and the even more 90s vibed, “Pump it”, my third fav. My second favourite song however is the 5th track, Chiptuna, it almost made me drive way past 80, down to its grungy hardcore leads.

“(ノ◕ヮ◕​)​ノ​*​:​・゚✧ ft. Protodome” is another great song featuring one of my favourite artists guesting.

“Little Calculations” is the only song that didn’t grow on me, as it unfortunately cuts short the high octane energy, turning it down. I would say it would’ve been better as a intro.

After listening to Infinity constantly on the way back to Manchester, it made my trip a whole lot more awesome with the hardcore tracking and effort put into it. It also really got me interested in Shirobon, and I’ll definitely be listening to Arcade Dream, as soon as I’ve finished listening to Infinity that is.

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