Shirobon – Out Of Love

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Unfortunately there’ll be no review of an EP today. I am quite ill at the minute so I haven’t been able to get anything done! So instead, I’m going to muster up all my strength and write a small post on something I’ve been listening to over the past two weeks.

I’m sure almost everyone is aware of Shirobon. If not, he’s an artist from London, who fuses chiptune with a electronic style whilst bringing theme’s of a robotic nature. Over the past few years he has been making some absolute ecstatic music, and has quickly garnered reputation of being a fantastic musician in the world of chiptune. While he first started out with his unique style on 2012’s ’22:22′, he really made waves with, ‘The Arcade Dream’, which is an album in it’s own league.

This year, Shirobon brought forth, ‘Infinity’ and saw him focus on more heavier styles, whilst doing interesting collaborations with the likes of, PROTODOME. Since the release of ‘Inifinty’ Shirobon grown considerably, founding his new Record Label, HYPERWAVE, whilst flying half way across the world to Japan!

Next year will be no different, with Shirobon releasing his next Album. There isn’t much information out about it, however a couple weeks ago saw the free release of, ‘Out Of Love’,a track taken directly from the album.

‘Out Of Love’ begins instantly with a beautiful lead over the top of some soulful keys & arpeggios, until it changes up by instensifying the lead with bass & some punch. This ends in a crescendo, letting the drums take over the direction of the song and push the beat forward. Immediately you can sense quite a change from Shirobon’s last style. Infinity was a lot more hard hitting, where as you can sense more of a chilled out vibe going on, even though the drums really try to push the tempo. The watery, wet vocals also lend to the chilliness of the track, with the echo giving ‘Out Of Love’ a lot of atmosphere.

Finally, it’s clear that Shirobon wants to experiment more with different genres, looking towards the more progressive side of drum and bass, taking with him the energy from his previous two albums. It’s also interesting to note that ‘Out Of Love’ reminds me of ‘Sabrepulse’s style’, with both collaborating on songs & remixes together.

Shirobon has a lot of fans through out the world due to his music, and it’s easy to see that he’ll most likely grow further in popularity with his next album being released next year.

Want to download Out Of Love? Click the link below and get it for free!

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