Snarg – Self Titled

It’s been an absolute while since I’ve been blogging, due to work and other person affairs, but I’ve finally gotten round to listen to some more chiptune music, I’ve been slowly making my first chiptune song on Ableton using Chipsounds as my sole VST. It’s quite progressive, and closely follows the music F.A.A.S. In the future I hope to finish this song and begin creating my own EP.

The latest band I’ve been listening to is quite an odd one. I came across Snarg via usual means (bandcamp), but they are more associated with Nintendocore, something which is a complete, unique genre in its own right. What makes Snarg even more unique is the fact that they’re German and hence sing in their native tongue. I haven’t come across many foreign bands, especially in chiptune. So even though I couldn’t understand German I thought I’d give them a shot.

As soon as you listen to Snarg, the full force of heavy gritty guitars hits, accompanied with melodic synth from keyboards chirping through. What I particularly like about Snarg, is the fact they change the pace, melody and beat constantly, something which Nintendocore is known for. Although I didn’t understand any of the lyrics that were hitting me, it allowed me to focus on the music, which is extremely strong through the EP. Every song is unique in its own right, due to the constant change up throughout.

Out of the Entire EP, my particular favourite song, was C+W down to the fact there was more music than singing (though ‘Dachs’ actually had no singing whatsoever). I also liked the penultimate song #777, which takes inspiration Math Rock.

Overall this was my first Nintendocore band I have listened to, and I particularly enjoyed it. Before Snarg, I had heard of Nintendocore before, but I had seldom looked into it. I knew about the band that pioneered it, Horse The Band, I’d never taken the opportunity. But now I think I shall.

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