Tenkitsune – Wonderland Dream EP

After last week, we’re back to doing normal reviews, but this time I’m not doing chiptune! This week I’m looking at Tenkitsune’s latest album, ‘Wonderland Dream EP’, released via ‘Tinywaves’. I’ve talked about Tenkitsune’s music in the past, and his style is a nice collection of all things electro, chiptune, future bass, dubstep & anything that is cute. In fact, the Cute factor can be seen in all of the tracks throughout Wonderland Dream, but really shines the most in, ‘Hiya’.

Your immediately greeted to an abundance of cute & funny samples, from the use of squeezing toys, to cartoon bounces, you’ll quickly gather that this song isn’t sad; so far from it! The use of future bassy keys along with harmonised & vocalised sounds provide character to the track, as well as adding much of its cheeky colour. The hard swing set by the drums also help give ‘Hiya’ some nice pacing, something which is incredibly hard to do if it isn’t layered right with the drums.

Although ‘Hiya’ is the track with the most cuteness, the final track of the EP is almost on par with it, ‘Little Fox Adventure Featuring, “Jenny“‘. On the vocals side, ‘Litle Fox Adventure’ is fantastic, in which the vocals feel like they’ve been taken directly out of a Disney or Studio Ghibli film. Jenny’s vocals really lend their self to the track, her voice almost sounding like the voice ‘Little Mermaids Ariel’. On the flip side, Tenkitsune’s use of samples, of whistles & shouts further bolster the track to its kid like stature, adding a little bit of pop & funk into the underlying styles of the song. Tenkitsune even reverse’s Jenny’s voice in the breakdown bits where the lead takes charge; I wouldn’t think reversing vocals work but adding the right amount of mixing & layering does the job perfectly!

Wonderland Dream is a great example of Tenkitsune’s style, as well as confidence is creating something both unique & happy. It was one album I particularly enjoyed listening and the perfect remedy to helping get over the winter times, however short it might be!

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