Timid Soul – Bubble Funk EP

So for a while now I’ve been listening to a bit of J-pop. Not the most conventional stuff, but other music that has been inspired by it. One of the best artists I’ve come across that does this is, Timid Soul, someone who experiments largely with J-pop, but brings chiptune, as well as funk, trap, samples and glo-fi to the mix.

I’ve been listening to his latest EP, Bubble Funk (released via Keats Collective) for a while, and although its not what I usually blog on here, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. First thing off the bat, you can tell this is very experimental with one song, Melodie being solely chiptune (as well as a reprise at the end). It’s quite weird, as it doesn’t go with the style of the rest of the songs and it feels that Timid Soul wanted to try a new direction. However that being said, it also added to the uniqueness of what I’d call, a Tip Top EP! Every song has it’s own cool vibes, with some songs (Melodiereprise & In My Heart Forever) having some very cool vaporwave going on.

Out of the whole EP, it was extremely hard to choose my favourite song. There’s just so many to choose from, with Bubble Funk & Yankee Rose being huge contenders. However I would have to say the best stand out track was Sunset Kiss Infinity.

Listen to this song before as you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I say this. In my honest opinion, Timid Soul has managed to fuse part of Michael Jackson’s soul whilst calling out on the vibes of J-pop & Rnb to create this magnificent song.

Now that’s definitely saying something for this Song.

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