Trey Frey – Refresh


My game boy has finally arrived and it’s so fucking awesome! I’m looking forward to practice on this bad boy with my LSDJ cartridge, but before I go any further I’ve got to get my shit together further with the software. Watch this space, you’ll see some cool things in the future.

Anyway, this is going to be a short post as I’ve some big things coming up soon this sunday. You’ll find out in the next post.


Trey Frey has been going on a while. He was in Superbyte last year, and unfortunately I was unable to see him. So when I was recommended him via a friend as an artist similar to Sabrepulse. I decided to buy his second album, Refresh and was immediately greeted to great dancy vibes using nothing but LSDJ.

You’ll find yourself dancing to the first song, Airglow, starting off dry and filtered, but then kicking hard with the bass.

This is repeated through the the album, keeping up the grooves going on, with such great songs as, Daisy, Further (which kicks the pace up twice as hard). Others such as Blvk (featuring Boaconstructor) using elements of dance and dubstep (cos in chiptune those go extremely well).

After listening to Refresh, I was more than certain that his next album, Tres Frais, which comes as a ├╝ber cool 8inch floppy disk cover. I’m so looking forward to that!!!

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