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No weekly tune this past week, but instead I’ve reviewed a special release. I was originally going to review something from my list, but I couldn’t refuse after hearing to the latest release from ‘Tri Angles’. Last year I reviewed his previous release, ‘ORBITALS’, giving it a lot of well deserved critical acclaim. so with the latest album, ‘REBEL SOUL’, I was expecting something around the same bar. However I never expected it to be raised.

‘REBEL SOUL’ is Tri Angles’ LSDJ album, released via ‘The Base Bit Recordings‘ and created entirely using x2 gameboys, along with a Behringher DDM4000 Mixer (this thing is a beast). From there it was recorded entirely in one take. This proper hardcore, but just wait until you listen to the tracks.

The 1st track ‘VOID DREAMS’ treats you to a nice & rather lovely introduction, layering itself constantly until it gets to the 2nd track (and my first pick), the self titled ‘REBEL SOUL’. You’re immediately greeted with the grittiness of the WAV Channels, every bit of dirt and artefact intentionally left in by the artist. That is part of Tri Angles style after all, gritty, dirty dnb. Both the drums and bass are expertly crafted and mixed, the power of the bass especially hard hitting in its own right, due to it’s signature rhythmic one note crying through out. Finally ‘REBEL SOUL’ is constantly varied, it’s rhythm & leads changing.

Each track is fantastic is its own right, the dirty gritty nature of Tri Angles brought to light. But this is evermore hi-lighted in the 5th track, ‘FREEDOM’. It begins with an artefact ridden introduction which is constantly layered, building up to crescendo of one word… FREEDOM. The track then explodes (and I mean EXPLODES) into some incredibly heavy Drum and Bass, the crafting of each fill the most hectic & craziest I’ve heard from the chiptune community. The bass attacks your ears also, its aggressive tonal pattern menacing in nature. Although it’s dirtiness is its own style, ‘FREEDOM’ really reminds me of a couple tracks from Pendulum, ‘Through the loop’ especially, where the long introduction compliments the franticness of the track to such a great extent.

All in all, Tri Angles releases yet one god damned great release, its voice crying out loud for the masses to take chipmusic & its community seriously.

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