Tune to Listen to: @ 2ToneDisco x Dreamcasts – Glimmer

Here’s another awesome track from ‘2ToneDisco’. ‘Glimmer’ is a collaborative track with an artist known as ‘Dreamcasts’.

Comparing ‘Glimmer’ to my previous review of 2TD’s track, ‘Headset Radio’, it’s a more melodic track, featuring some extremely jazzy & waltzy leads inspired by certain studio Ghibli soundtracks (e.g. My Neighbour Totoro). It even almost feels like you’re flying through the skies of an anime, looking down on the beautiful. ‘Glimmer’ is also focused on its music & melody rather, than it’s energy & beat like Head Set Radio, which relies more it’s vocal hook. Ultimately, Glimmer is a wonderful, bright song, with lots of charm & good vibes.

To hear Head Set Radio & my review, Check it out here!
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