Tune To Listen To: Aivi & Surasshu – Steven Universe: Stronger than you feat. Estelle

I must admit I can’t really get into Steven Universe; The cutesy vibes just aren’t really my cup of tea. But what they bring in parts of the community, particularly music is, well, enlightening.

Aivi & Surasshu’s take on the ‘Stronger than you’ song from a certain episode of SU is a great example of this. Taking what is already a catchy song and pushing it further with the power of synthpop & chiptune, is utterly dazzling, especially with Estelle (the voice of Garnet, the SU character who originally sings it). It’s also great to see composers like Aivi & Surasshu, who are normally associated with the chip scene, seeing over the whole soundtrack of Steven Universe…

…maybe I should ACTUALLY be watching this.

Check the rest of their steven universe music here!

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