Tune to Listen to: Breakbeat heartbeat – S h i v a

Breakbeat heartbeat is at again, with another fantastic chilled tune. A number of months ago, a friend of mine (someone who had never listened to chiptune music)  gave a stellar review on her album here on Chip Bit Sid.

Needless to say, Breakbeat’s music has only gone further in skill, with her latest track being, S h i v a. Based upon snowy places, S h i v a is an absolute sweet & chilled song, containing Breakbeat’s, go style, but with added signature amen drumming to give it a further boost. S h i v a is also lot faster than most of her repertoire and only strengthens how good of a listen this song is. If this is the first time listening to Breakbeat Heartbeat, then why not try her past album, ‘Leaving Home’?

 ~ Breakbeat Heart Beat ~ 
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