Tune to Listen to: – I l l u s i o n S y s t e m• – Cloud Citadel

Fm synth seems to be making a come back and people are starting to go back to the lovely sound of the megadrive. – I l l u s i o n  S y s t e m• – is the latest artists to release something around fm synth with their track, Cloud Citadel.

It pays homage to all the mickey mouse & other disney games that we used to play way back in the 90s (both Toy Story & Hercules were kick ass), using lovely warm sine chords as keys & bouncy bass lines. Cloud Citadel also utilises an extremely bright & tinny lead, something which can easily be achieved on a 16 bit sound chip.

 ~ I l l u s i o n  S y s t e m• ~ 

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