Tune to Listen to: Jredd – Sunset Drifter (ft. Groovemaster303 & Dya)

Uploading has been sporadic due to holidays & leaving GameFace, but I thought I’d kick it off by featuring a soothing tune from ‘Jredd’.

‘Sunset Drifter’ is a great track to relax to when you come home from work or stressed on some crap. It’s perfect for the Friday evening tonight and featuring the right balance of hip hop & funk. It also contains some cool extra work from artists, ‘Groovemaster303’ & ‘Dya’, providing a string section, glitch beats and an FM trumpet solo, further adding to the structure! All of this was created using the sounds of the YM2151, the soundchip for the Sega consoles as well as extra stuff from a PCM. Check out more of all the artists work below, as well as Jredd & Groovemaster303’s sweet collaboration album (which I’ve still yet to review)!

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