Tune to listen to: Laffe the Fox – Spring Breaks (feat. Breakbeat Heartbeat)

This weeks tune is ‘Spring Breaks’ and a nice collaboration between ‘Laffe the Fox’ & ‘Breakbeat Heartbeat’. Laffe is generally known for creating very bouncy & melodic music, so it’s a no brainer that Breakbeat Heartbeat’s style would sit right at home through her use of breakcore & punchy yet shimmering melodies.

Spring Breaks starts off beautifully with both Laffe & Breakbeat playing against each other, harmonising superbly until it breaks off into the it’s Laffe’s signature melody. The drums are also powerful but also unique, constantly changing when ever each artist is playing.

Springs Breaks was taken from Laffe The Fox’s latest album, ‘The Spotsaver’ (released through Cheapbeats) a melodic joy containing some real bouncy tunes. It’s available to buy on bandcamp, so it like Laffe’s style, help out, by giving 5 dollars!

Check out the rest of the album below:

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 Breakbeat Heart Beat 

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