Tune To Listen To: Tenkitsune – Windmill Island (Side B mix)

Not a soundcloud song this time, but something bandcamp, I found this awesome track whilst digging through finding new chipmusic. Tenkitsune is an artist associated with both chiptune & hyperpop, showing huge promise in style & energy.

This can be especially seen in this week’s T2L2, ‘Windmill Island’ (Side B mix), which brings together a wide variety of different styles, from chiptune to dubstep, hyperpop & EDM. I love the mash up of this mix, especially with it being a side B version. Tenkitsune seems to really manage getting the pop in the squarewaves of chip, whilst the dubstep is handled expertly and not being overly assertive, unlike most dubstep.

 ~ Tenkitsune ~ 

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