Tune you should listen to: Timid Soul – Blurry Valley of the Dolls

I have always been fan of Timid Soul’s music ever since I first heard his Bubblefunk EP last year. The blend of electronic funk mixed in with glo-fi & little bit of chiptune is always something one can enjoy.

Timid Souls latest track, ‘Blurry Valley of the Dolls’ was released a month ago for Keats Collective’s annual compilation, Vol.6 and is the epitome of electronic funk, taking inspiration from such music as Michael Jackson, Chic & many other funky specialists. There are so many fantastic little things in ‘Blurry Valley of the Dolls’ that they come together to make one solid, amazing track! It’s sound is smooth throughout, playing chilled out vibes, whilst feeling fresh & funky at the same time.

If you love this, check out my review of Timid Soul’s previous album, Bubblefunk EP.

Soundcloud | Keats Collective | Bubblefunk EP

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