Chip Bit Day Interview: Nyokeë

Chip Bit Day Interview: Nyokeë

Continuing back with the interviews we next have Nyokeë .From a small, square planetoid deep in the void of space and time comes a hypnotic new sound. The sound is called Nyokeë. Inspired by early Chiptune and 8-bit music, singer and producer Nyokeë presents an energetic mix of synth heavy Kawaii Bass and retro game sounds, wrapped in electrifying visuals and Harajuku street fashion.

If you’ve been enjoying the interviews so far and are thinking about coming down to watch, you can get a ticket via the link below:

1. Who are you, what is your artist name and where do you come from?
I’m Kirsten (artist name Nyokeë) from Surrey (well originally Germany, so take your pick 😉 )

2. What music do you make & what instruments/hardware/software do you use?
I make chiptune pop with a gameboy colour + Arduinoboy, Logic Pro and various bits of software (e.g. Plogue Chipsounds, Spire), then sing over the top. Newest additions to the fam are my boyfriend’s OB6 and my snazzy Neumann U87 😀 When I play live, I use Ableton and some MIDI controllers on snippets I’ve produce before. I also make visuals in Magicavoxel, Photoshop, Cinema4D, Premiere Pro, Ebo Suite.. too much software to list tbh haha

3. How did you get into the chiptune scene?
I don’t really know, I gradually became aware of if in late 2017 and decided to give it a shot. Chip Bit Day last year was my first gig in the scene – and I loved it! It’s such a colourful and inclusive community. It’s all about celebrating games and technology and this is right up my street. It allows you to experiment with all musical genres under one roof.

4. How has your music evolved since then?
I have produced music for over 10 years in lots of genres. Chiptune has allowed me to become a better, more focused producer. Chiptune offers an interesting creative restriction which is great in an age of choice paralysis / too many music tech options! What’s mainly evolved are my added visuals / clothes 😎

5. Where have you played?
This and last year: – Chip Bit Day Manchester – London Anime and Gaming Con – J-Con Derby (twice) – Alcon / Leicester – The Water Rats London (mixed genre gig with Asympt Man) – Anime Attacks Gateshead – Gamerdisco London – Anime Cosplay Ball London – Kawaii Cafe Paris – Animangapop Plymouth This year I’ve still got Pixel Heaven in Warsaw, Chip Bit Day, Chipwrecked and probably more!

6. What has been your favourite venue you’ve played at?
The Kawaii Cafe in Paris and the last Chip Bit Day were both absolutely fantastic

7. Describe your music in one word (or emoji).

8. What’s been the highlight of your musical career?
That I can go to Pixel Heaven in Poland this year – they expect 5000 attendees 😱 Also Focal Press have asked me to write a book and it’ll be on how to perform electronic music live!

9. What’s your favourite artist and song at the moment?
Future Pop – Perfume. That’s at the moment. Normally, the absolute winners are Snail’s House, BT, Bjork, Knower and the High Heels Happy Feet remix on Youtube lol. Love electro swing and just generally interesting electronic music with jazzy chords but really I listen to lots of different genres.

10. What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in chiptune?
Experiment with different tech, both retro games consoles and DAWs. Come up with something fun and innovative.

11. Favourite game soundtrack?
Haven’t got one but any Nobuo Uematsu piano stuff is nice

 You’ll be able to catch Nokeë at Chip Bit Day 19:
7:35pm, June 15th, Atma, 11 Stevenson Square, Manchester M1 1DB.

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