Brick BRKer – The Land Behind

Brick BRKer – The Land Behind

Next on my long backlog of chiptune reviews, we have ‘The Land Behind’ by ‘Brick BRKer’ (AKA Neil Williams). Originating from Jonesboro, Arkansas, ‘The Land Behind’ is Brick BRKer’s 2nd release, created on LSDJ v6.8.2. According to ‘Brick BRKer’, ‘The Land Behind’ is a collection of tracks written over a period of 5 years. They are a record of, growth, change and graduation in the Ozark mountains.

‘The Land Behind’ is a nice relaxing change from I usually listen to. It’s slowly yet warm in its use of wet pulse melodies.

This is ever more true in the track, ‘Jade’ which at 2:20 is a beautifully crafted song containing some of the best swan song melodies I’ve heard in a while. Whilst there plenty of songs off ‘The Land Behind’ which fit the bill, for me ‘Jade’ has some of the most intricate melodies off the album. Beginning with a lovely warm arpeggio from the pulse channel, the lead then kicks in on the second pulse, its sound with a sharp yet warm touch of noise. It’s a particularly nice song to relax and have a beer whilst it plays throughout its runtime.

Relaxing and not shy from being slow paced, Brick BRKer’s ‘The Land Behind’ stands out from both the hardcore chipmusic and the hyper & melodic VGM.

Brick BRKer
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